K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: Super Junior D&E Brings Variety In 4th Mini-Album “BAD BLOOD”

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Super Junior D&E brings out an emotional mini-album with an addictive lead song.

Super Junior D&E returns with their fourth mini-album BAD BLOOD. Specifically, the duo instantly captivated the hearts of fans with their packed and diverse set-list.

Super Junior D&E BAD BLOOD

BAD BLOODย Comeback Countdown

D&E began counting down the days for the duo’s comeback with the reveal of a special poster. The intensity of the picture excited the unit’s fans and kept them looking out for the next teasers.

Between August 21 and 26, their agency shared concept images and photoshoot films to further raise the curiosity. Starting with the group shots. the members portrayed different charms. From hip to mature, the two did not fail to shine their handsome features in every setting.

Likewise, they showed a glimpse of the preparation process of the images in the group clip.


The individual shots also did each member justice by focusing on their own charms. Firstly, Donghae showed off his outstanding visuals by transforming from a hip guy to a chic, eye-catching guy.

Then, it was Eunhyuk’s turn to flaunt his visuals in a mature and alluring way. His poses and expressions were definitely top-notch in all the concepts he presented.

Starting from August 28, the duo focused on slowly introducing their album contents. They unveiled a track list with five titles and further raised the expectations by participating in creating two of the songs.

Then, D&E shared surprise images with horses called “MV Teaser Prologue”. The two looked superb in the still shots from the upcoming clip of their main song.

The two did not forget to also share snippets of each of their new songs in the Highlight Medley. The preview portrayed different styles which they tried, creating a colorful new mini-album to look up to.

Meanwhile, the first music video teaser for “B.A.D” managed to affect fans in a positive way. The intensity of the short clip promised an exciting full version.

D&E finished the teasers with a second trailer. This one focused on the performance which will accompany the group’s latest track.

BAD BLOODย First Impressions

The first piece and also title track “B.A.D” is an electronic hip-hop song self-composed by Donghae. The rhythm impressively changes in the second half, turning into a Motown Funk style. The whole song captivates listeners from the beginning tunes to the very end.

Next up is “Contact”, which draws out a refreshing charm through the organ pad and rhythmical keyboard sounds that heighten the mood. Also, the lyrics speak of reconnecting with one another through exciting songs and dances. It is a track fitting for the current daily life in which people are more disconnected and it uplifts the mood of listeners.

“To You, Tomorrow” is a rock ballad with a sorrowful feel. The impressive sounds of a calm piano and the string melody of the electric guitar, which adds energy, heightens the atmosphere of the song. The lyrics tell of a man’s remorse, which is born after losing his lover and realizes his mistake when it is already too late.

Then the album continues with another emotional song, “Change”, a heavy and rhythmical Lo-Fi hip-hop piece. In particular, it is a song with a dreamy feel which comparess the change between two people with the blooming and withering of a flower.

Lastly, “Off Line” presents an impressive hip-hop piece with a heavy bass and delicate hi-hat touch. Furthermore, it is an addictive song with a groovy rhythm and catchy melody. It delivers the message of breaking out of the busy daily life and have some fun instead.

“B.A.D” MV AFterthoughts

The music video for “B.A.D” is definitely eye-pleasing. The members’ attire variations suit accordingly with the different settings, from the luxurious and modern to the more hip ones. Not only is the song fun to listen to but the dance for it is just as infatuating.

Donghae and Eunhyuk add intriguing elements like the two majestic looking horses at the start. Also, during the later half of the clip, the two are in the middle of some kind of a gang deal gone wrong. The idols are then seen escaping by jumping out of a window.

Moreover, the video heightens its atmosphere as the song progresses, creating an interesting piece to watch.

Source and image credit: Label SJ