K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: Super Junior Makes Grand Return With 10th Full Album “The Renaissance”

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This comeback deserves a super clap as the last men standing convey a message to hang in there and stay strong despite the pandemic.

After a couple of postponements, Super Junior finally comes back with its 10th full album in its 16 years in the music industry.

Super Junior 10th full album The Renaissance

Coined as the Kings of Hallyu, tons of bop were served and it was definitely worth the wait. With the 10th full-length album The Renaissance which consists of 10 tracks, this grand return proves Super Junior is unbeatable and will continuously show off endless magnificence.

The Renaissance Comeback Timeline

Super Junior 10th full album The Renaissance

As early as 26 October 2020, Super Junior announced their much-awaited return to the K-pop spotlight with a 10th full album coming in December.

Super Junior had its own way of celebrating the 15th anniversary since its debut with a pre-release song from the group’s 10th full album. On November 6, the music video for “The Melody” was released, lead by a medium-tempo beat with an impressive whistling sound that makes you recall memories from the past. Members Leeteuk and Yesung participated in the lyrics writing, expressing eternal gratitude to fans for being together for many years.

On November 9, a video was uploaded on the group’s official social media platforms, titled SUPER JUNIOR The 10th Album “The Renaissance” Story Teaser: The Start of a New Chapter. The clip covered the overall concept of the new album, grabbing the attention of global fans.

The story teaser portrayed a concise version of Super Junior’s history, all the while entertaining with its unique presentation.

SUPER JUNIOR The 10th Album ‘The Renaissance’ Lyric Note

Continuing the teasing, the group had released a series of “Lyric Note”, heightening the anticipation for their comeback. A total of 8 lyrics notes were dropped sequentially on Super Junior’s official SNS from November 17 until November 26, containing targeted spoilers for their album.

Right after, on December 2, a surprising remake live clip version of Super Junior’s “Raining Spell For Love” was unveiled. “Raining Spell for Love” was part of the group’s seventh full-length album MAMACITA. It is an R&B pop track that expresses the heart of a man after a breakup. The remake version maximizes the lyrical mood of the original song, with trendy sounds and sophisticated piano arrangements, reinterpreting it with deeper emotions.

On December 7, Super Junior awakened its classical beauty in a set of teaser photos. Dressed in colorful outfits with black, white, and gold points, each of the members looked stunningly attractive. Surrounded by several antique props, an elegant classical vibe was visibly fit for the full album’s concept.

Super Junior 10th full album The Renaissance

Starting with these group photos, individual and unit teaser photos were sequentially revealed.

On December 14, 2020, the “Passionate Unit”, Leeteuk, Donghae, and Siwon, possessed a dreamlike atmosphere in two unit photos. Showing off a harmony between classical and modern, the members wore sophisticated outfits with famous paintings as points during the Renaissance period, creating an ever luxurious feeling.

The day after, breathtaking individual shots from the “Passionate Unit” were unveiled.

Burn The Floor

A video containing the sensuous performance version of the song “Burn The Floor” was then released on December 16, 2020. The song debuted through the “2020 The Fact Music Awards,” and received explosive responses among fans with its unique performance using lights.

Following the “Passionate Unit” were the teaser photos for the “Versatile Unit”. Consisting of Shindong, Eunhyuk, and Kyuhyun, the photos, released on the morning of December 21, 2020, look refined against the backdrop of intense velvet curtains. The unit photos feature a tablet PC with pictures of foods on an ancient wooden table.

The members’ visuals had risen in their individual teaser photos. With the concept of Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece “The Last Supper”, contemporary digital props were placed everywhere, showing off an antique atmosphere that created an exquisite harmony. Each of them dressed up in a frill shirt with a rich feel, and a necklace embroidered with colorful jewelry.

Super Junior members as Santa Claus

Ahead of Christmas, Super Junior released another special video as part of the content for its 10th full album. On December 23, a video titled “SUPER JUNIOR The 10th Album ‘The Renaissance’ #3 ‘Tell Me Baby’ Animated film” was unveiled, revealing the new song “Tell Me Baby” which is included in the comeback album.

In response, the promotional video for “Tell Me Baby” depicted the story of the members becoming “Santa apprentices” ahead of Christmas, delivering gifts directly to fans and holding parties.

Moving forward, another set of unit photos was posted featuring “Beautiful Unit” with Heechul, Yesung, and Ryeowook on December 28. The photos drew huge attention with brilliant props and costumes. The members posed under the sparkling chandelier, staring charismatically at the camera lens.

The day after, each member from the “Beautiful Unit” showered ELFs with a splendid visual. From the shiny chandeliers, spangles, and classic costumes embroidered with various jewels, the individual teaser photos were nothing but absolute aesthetic.

D-15 Countdown Poster

Starting the countdown for the grand comeback, a D-15 poster was unveiled followed by a “Comeback Note” showing what to expect on the first week of March 2021.

Super Junior 10th full album The Renaissance comeback note 1

On March 2, a Title Poster was posted, revealing the title track for Super Junior’s 10th full album.

The title posters had two types of concepts. The “Party Concept” showed off a colorful vibe from the members while the “Trap Concept” was in a completely different atmosphere, drawing an explosive response from global fans.

From March 3 until March 4, three sets of posters from the “Passionate Unit,” “Versatile Unit,” and “Beautiful Unit” were unveiled.

The “Passionate Unit” was a unique combination that attracted lots of fans. The individual photos released had the words “Hands up beyond the wall” written on the poster, heightening the curiosity about the title track.

On March 4, the title posters of Shindong, Eunhyuk, and Kyuhyun, the “Versatile Unit,” followed. Compared to the set of photos released beforehand from the “Passionate Unit”, the “Versatile Unit” posters had the words “Freedom is not free.”

Sequentially, on the morning of March 5, the title posters of “Beautiful Unit” drew keen attention. In the photos, Yesung is wearing blue knitwear with lenses that created a vivid atmosphere. Heechul and Ryeowook, on the other hand, wore all-black outfits, which is in stark contrast to Yesung’s poster.

The title posters feature the lyrics “I see the future in your eyes,” fueling much curiosity for the upcoming album release.

Further, a second Comeback Note was shared, revealing the things to expect from March 8 until March 12.

Super Junior 10th full album The Renaissance comeback note 2

The Renaissance Album Detail <The Renaissance style>

Super Junior’s The Renaissance album has lots of versions that represent the group, units, and individual members’ charm.

The “Renaissance Style” has four different album versions. The group version, “Renaissance” and three unit versions namely the “Passionate,” “Versatile,” and “Beautiful”.

Super Junior 10th full album The Renaissance album renaissance style

The Renaissance Album Detail <Square style>

On the other hand, the “Square Style” has 13 different versions of each member, drawing attention for its uniqueness and album inclusions.

Super Junior 10th full album The Renaissance album square style

On the same day, a promotional video was also shown to the public. The members of Super Junior were seen unboxing their own albums while at the same time, presenting fun stories about the photoshoot and album making.

The hype only got stronger as finally, the tracklist and highlight medley for The Renaissance were presented, leaving fans in awe.

Super Junior 10th full album The Renaissance tracklist

Consisting of 10 tracks including the title song “House Party,” the earlier revealed songs “Burn The Floor”, “The Melody”, and “Raining Spell For Love (Remake ver.)” were also on the tracklist. Additionally, the songs “SUPER,” “Paradox”, “Closer”, “Mystery”, “More Days With You”, and “Tell Me Baby” completed the album.

Moreover, the highlight medley that followed gave a glimpse of the songs.

“House Party” MV Teaser

On March 10, a teaser video was revealed, giving a peek at what ELFs would expect with the music video.

The day after, the members greeted with a special interview, tackling some of the highlights in the “House Party” music video that fans should look forward to.

Followed by another, March 12 gave a fun-spirited music video teaser with a party concept. Donghae sat in the center while the other members surrounded him with drinks on hand as if having a celebration. Nearing the end of the teaser video, a cake with a dedication “Everlasting Friends” was written, symbolizing that they were with ELFs through the video.

Continuing the hype, another Comeback Note was released, with only two schedules to anticipate for.

Super Junior 10th full album The Renaissance comeback note

The music video teaser for “House Party” with the trap concept was revealed a day before the album’s official release. Starting with Eunhyuk holding a sniper, each of the members showed off a glimpse of their charisma and fierce visuals. The video ended again with Eunhyuk firing his sniper, making the fans’ excitement reaching the top.

The Renaissance First Impressions

Super Junior’s 10th full album strived to give consolation to those who are already tired of dealing with the COVID-19. Consisting of 10 songs from various genres including pop, ballad, and dance, ELFs can enjoy a wide range of musicality.

The first track in the album “SUPER” is a song that adds energy to Super Junior’s powerful bass sound and trendy synth. The beat gives off a strong presence, perfect for starting a bop album.

“House Party” is an addictive disco-pop genre with cheerful and exciting rhythms and guitar riffs. It is a dance song with a tough feeling yet a brighter and livelier atmosphere, combining trendy melodies and traps. The song relays a message to those who are in a difficult situation due to the COVID-19 to cheer up and try to encourage each other that we can get through this hardship together.

Additionally, the lyrics happily unravel the sense of solitude that despite the exhausting and hardships experienced due to the virus, we can still live our small daily lives as we put aside the deviations for a while.

On the other hand, “Burn The Floor” is a classical sound-based fusion pop dance genre, featuring an unexpected charm as colorful orchestrations and hot step sources meet. The composition between the intense beats and grand classical music sound was subtly mixed, completing an entirely addicting song.

While “Paradox” compares the heart of a person that falls closer to the “reverse rumor” as he tries to move further away. With a statement of self-contradicting one’s feelings, the song boasts highly attractive whispering and powerful vocals accompanied by a magnificent strong beat.

“Closer” is a sophisticated pop ballad song that accentuates the members’ alluring voices as if hypnotizing the listeners to lie next to them.

The pre-released track “The Melody” is a medium-tempo song with an impressive whistling sound, making you recall memories of the past. Expressing the members’ desire to sing more in the future, the lyrics reveal Super Junior’s confession that they can overcome all challenges as long as they’re together.

This original song from Super Junior’s seventh full-length album MAMACITA is an R&B pop track that expresses the heart of a man after a breakup. “Raining Spell For Love (Remix ver.)” maximizes the lyrical mood of the original song, with trendy sounds and sophisticated piano arrangements, reinterpreting it with deeper emotions.

“Mystery” sings of a love that needs to be solved just like a mystery. Its upbeat sound contradicts the somewhat worrying tune of the lyrics, making it more interesting to listen to.

The guitar melody of the song “More Days With You” creates a warm atmosphere in every beat. The members’ soft-sounding voices add a sentimental emotion to the song, making it even more wonderful.

“Tell Me Baby”, the last song in the album adds a guitar sound that is locked to the exciting Christmas atmosphere, creating a bright and cheerful feeling. The lyrics are excitingly witty, “If you tell me what you want, I will be your Santa and grant you your wish”, making listeners enjoy Super Junior’s energetic charm.

“House Party” MV Afterthoughts

The music video showed the confrontation between Super Junior, a party concept that wants to enjoy daily life. And another version of Super Junior, a dark charismatic trap concept that tries to prevent it, showing the opposite yet attractive charms of each member.

Feeling like a musical piece, the whole music video features the members’ individual ideas of spending their days in quarantine, along with scenes of what they should have been doing freely if it weren’t for the pandemic.

Super Junior really dedicated their all to this comeback. From the witty set backgrounds, up to the detailed props, the music video may pass as a movie trailer, even.

The highlight of the music video? Kim Heechul has appeared! The smooth-shifting of the concepts was amazing. And it was absolutely breathtaking seeing them killing those moves, showing off that they are still able to execute knife-like choreographies no matter where and when.

Image and Video Credits: SM Entertainment