K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: SuperM Goes To Infinity And Beyond With “Super One – The 1st Album”

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SuperM proves why they are K-Pop’s super group as they unleash a new era with their electrifying music!

The Avengers of K-Pop are back and how! SuperM released their first comeback album Super One and to say that it is marvelous would only be an understatement. The synergy of the septet combined with their multitude of talents packs a resounding punch. Each of the 15 tracks on the album is diverse in terms of sound and collectively brings forth a message of unity in a time of uncertainty. 


Super One Comeback Timeline

On August 6, SM Entertainment surprised fans with a delightful announcement. The agency stated that SuperM would be releasing their new single “100” at 1 PM KST on August 14. They had also asserted that the multi talented group would be revealing another single “Tiger Inside” on September 1 before releasing their much awaited first full album Super One on September 25.

The group then unlocked some individual message teasers before giving the first glimpse of their upcoming album with the first set of concept images for their single “100”.

SuperM then unveiled their very first music video for the track “100” and stayed true to the title and indeed went from zero to a hundred in the video. Dressed up as race car drivers the group stole the show with their superlative styles as they showcased a fiery synergy not just in individual sequences but also as a group with captivating choreography and edgy looks.

Additionally, SuperM stunned viewers with their spectacular visuals and passionate performances amidst backdrops reminiscent of science fiction movies.

On August 25, SuperM revealed grandiose concept images from the second track from the album titled, “Tiger Inside”. The concept photos are the perfect combination of traditional and contemporary styles and showcase the group’s bedazzling and bold sides with finesse. 

On September 1, SuperM unleashed their wild sides and revealed a spectacular music video of their fiery number “Tiger Inside”.

The majestic settings as well as the members’ edgy styles personify the essence of the track “Tiger Inside” to the core in the most glamorous way. Moreover, SuperM are a sight to behold with their captivating bold choreography that mimics the movements of a tiger.

SuperM released the official photos of the title track “One (Monster & Infinity)” on September 15. The members embody confidence in each of the stills thereby only adding to the excitements for the album itself.

Super One First Impressions

SuperM’s first comeback album Super One is the epitome of versatility. The group takes things to the next level with an eclectic mix of tunes ranging from their signature high octane numbers such as “100” and “One (Monster & Infinity” to the more mellow gospel-infused track “Better Days” and an EDM pop influenced “Together at Home” as well.

 One (Monster & Infinity)

“One (Monster & Infinity)” is a hybrid remix track that expresses the determined will to overcome hardships without fear and reach higher. The lead track combines the album’s tracks “Monster” and “Infinity” in a way that’s reminiscent of Shinee’s 2012 track “Sherlock (Clue + Note).” The song’s futuristic sound acts like the perfect backdrop for the mashup of “Infinity’s” chorus and verses from “Monster.” The 808 bass heavy synth based track backed with the heart shaking vocals of the members, is enough to make listeners “feel the rumble in the ground”.  Overall, “One (Monster & Infinity)” is definitely a power track that will keep listeners coming back for more. 


This theatrical number is addictive from the get go! “Infinity” is a song that could very well be the OST of a sci-fi film. The bass heavy electro beat with varied sets of sonic elements on which the vocals of the members dazzle to put it simply. The group make a powerful declaration as they sing, “Like a blaze of glory, going overdrive / Going to live my story, everything I do to feel alive”. Overall, the dynamics and storytelling were outstanding on this track as well.  

But what makes this track “all the way to infinity” are certain elements such as Baekhyun’s beautiful falsetto especially during Lucas’ clean cut rap verse followed by Taeyong’s hard-hitting raps. What takes “Infinity” to the next level is Taemin’s tranquil vocals during the bridge which is followed by a spectacular high note carried out by Baekhyun and Ten. Moreover, member Mark truly captivates with his stunning gospel choir vocals. 


“Monster” is an EDM meets trap based track that personifies the word confidence to the T with its assertive lyricism with lines such as, “Come around, talking loud, see what I’m about/ Shake the town, take you down/ Say what you like, you got nothin’ on me, though/ First strike, never running from a beast, no/ Can’t nobody dare to block us, block us/ ‘Cause you know that I’m a monster.”

The track is quite grand and adventurous in its style. Each of the members stun with their vocal styles. Kai with his bright airy tones, Ten’s harmonious vocals during the pre-chorus as well as Taemin’s high notes during the bridge especially stand out on this energetic track.   

Wish You Were Here

SuperM showcases a never-seen-before side to them in this breezy number. “Wish You Were Here” is the kind of track that will make listeners want to sit back on a beach with a cool drink in hand. The harmony composed of steel drums and 80s percussion give this track somewhat of a tropical air.

Lucas, Taeyong and Mark steal the show on this song with their rhythmic rap verses as does Kai who brings forth a lively vibe with his vocals during the pre-chorus. “Wish You Were Here” is definitely that euphonious earworm thanks to its catchy sing-along chorus which is why this song is sure to feel at home in listeners’ playlists! 


Big Chance

“I personally like taking big chances and opportunities so this song, just the title itself, captured my attention. It’s a good song that showcases our individual charms,” says Baekhyun. And the SuperM leader couldn’t have said it better! The song reveals each of the members’ multifold talents in a pristine manner. 

The moment Taemin and Ten commence the track and lead it up until the pre-chorus, their synergy creates quite the anticipation for the chorus which honestly, does not disappoint. The falsetto heavy chorus backed with a bouncy rhythm are what make “Big Chance” a big winner and one of the most refreshing tracks on the album.  


The song is dynamic as well as addictive due to its high energy breakbeat rhythm consisting of heart thumping dubstep merged with a power packed bassline to mimic the sense of speed. Moreover, member Mark participated in writing as well as composing the inspiring song that encourages listeners stating that nothing is impossible.

“100” stays true to SuperM’s futuristic sound style with heart thumping beats that are backed by the impressive vocal ranges of the members that bring the uplifting sentiment of the song to life with flamboyance as they sing, “Walk in like we own it/ We roll deep like we going to war/ We coming at you like the eye of the storm (Let’s get it),” while further expressing confidence with lines such as, “You might be a boss, but we run this city like/ Foot to the floor, there ain’t no taming the beast/ We come full force ’cause we here making history.”

Tiger Inside

“Tiger Inside” is a dance track that is composed by Moonshine and Alexander Magnus Karlsson. The song boasts of a very impressive melody with synth sounds reminiscent of a tiger’s growls backed with powerful distorted 808 bass samples. Written by Hwang Yoo Bin, the lyrics convey the message, “Let’s overcome the hardships that come at us with the beast inside all of us.”

The track sees SuperM embrace their ferocious sides with each of the members adding a sense of mystique to “Tiger Inside” with their lower vocal registers while rapper Taeyong adds an ambiance of power with his reverberating growls.

Better Days

SuperM shines brighter on the second half of the album with its R&B-influenced songs. “Better Days” is a piano and contrabass based R&B-influenced soft track that puts the spotlight on the members’ soulful vocal style specifically Baekhyun who shines with his exceptional vocals during the chorus.

“Better Days” is both, a heartwarming as well as a heartfelt track with an uplifting message at its core. It’s the perfect pick-me-up track with its lyrics such as, “I know that it feels like the world is falling down/ And you can’t make it through/ There’s gon’ be better days/ Just gotta hold on/ Yeah, I know that it hurts, but the sun will shine through/ There’s gon’ be better days/ Around the corner, it’s true/ I said, “I know there’s gonna be better days for you”.

Together At Home

“Together At Home” gives off major throwback vibes with its synth-funk meets R&B disco melody composed mainly of distorted, dirty bass merged with piano chords. The song shows off the musical prowess of Mark and Taeyong who exude major chill vibes with their laid-back rap styles. Moreover Ten among other members impresses with his high octane vocals which give this track an added dynamism to it. 



This trap influenced beat based track boasts of an addictive falsetto heavy chorus. “Drip” is a sultry song that sees the members showcasing a very edgy style. The track’s lyricism is quite saucy and laced with innuendos. Kai’s rap like verse leading to Ten’s fluid pre-chorus is without a doubt one of the biggest show stopping moments in this track. Overall, “Drip” is quite a groovy track that ‘drips’ with a lot of swagger!

Line ‘Em Up

“Line ‘Em Up” brings forth a beautiful merger of East meets West with its foot thumping reggaeton drum beats and enchanting flute. Hands down, this song is one of the most snappy numbers on the album.

The song is an expression of the group’s ambition to capture the hearts of fans around the world and make them feel “one” as seen in lines such as, “This sound that changes the atmosphere/ The sight that turns completely different/ Break all of the world’s standards/ Be the one in this space/ Devour the heat that fills this place/ Flip and shake the entire world, you’re my co-star/ We put ‘jump’ and ‘pop’ together/ You already know Line ‘em up.”

Dangerous Woman

“Dangerous Woman” is one of the most intriguing tracks in the list. The song shifts in its harmony from acapella to trap based hip-hop style. The lyricism is quite cheeky as seen in lines such as, “I’ll make you feel like a dangerous woman/ Oh, tell me if you wanna lose control/ If you wanna be a bad girl/ I’ll make you feel like a dangerous woman” 

SuperM exudes sensuality with a little bit of playfulness on this track. The septet sounds PHENOMENAL on “Dangerous Woman” which makes this song one that listeners definitely shouldn’t miss out on!

Step Up

“Step Up” takes its steps in the R&B direction in its musical style. The lyrics explore one’s desires to step up and take a step further in their budding romance. Taemin’s breathtaking falsetto, Baekhyun’s powerful voice and the fierce and passionate energy of Mark, Taeyong and Lucas make “Step Up” quite a riveting track to say the least. 

So Long 

“So Long” is one of the finest tracks on the album, specially lyrically, “I’m done I’m out, it’s for your sake No drama no tears/ Even if my heart aches/ I’ll greet you with a cold expression/ Saying the words that “it was overdue/ So long The pair of eyes that turned red and the gaunt appearance/ Don’t stagger, that’s right, even more crueler/ I have to say it all at once without outtakes/ So long, so long I became the villain in front of you.”

The track delves into a scenario wherein one has to sometimes make heart rending sacrifices for the sake of the one they love, even if it means coming out as the bad guy in the situation. The smooth R&B rhythm paired with SuperM’s supreme voices – from high notes, faultless falsettos and low tones. The members’ voices only amplify the sentiments of the track making for a memorable and mesmerizing listening experience. 

With You

The final track “With You” is an up-tempo electropop song featuring a rhythmic cut-out guitar harmony. SuperM debuted this song through video chat at the One World: Together At Home virtual concert. During the time of its release, the group had received rave responses from fans across the globe for their sweet live performance.

“With You” is a song that contains melodies that anyone can enjoy as soon as they hear it. The lyrics connote to one’s desire to be with their loved ones and with a hope to give comfort to people around the world who are suffering because of COVID-19.

MV Afterthoughts

The music video is a musical as well as a visual treat! Being as “One (Monster & Infinity)” is a hybrid remix track, the video expresses this duality and hybridization of the track which is reflective in its overall conceptualization. 

Viewers can experience the “Monster” in the eye catching costumes as well as the group’s overall looks such as Taemin’s glitter makeup, Kai’s mis-matched lenses and even the group’s nuances during the choreography itself! “Infinity” reveals itself in the form of the clever use of mirrors, members levitating in the air, in Taemin’s pre-chorus right before he declares, “Think you’re ready for the monster?” as well as Mark travelling through a super speed portal of sorts towards the end of the video. 

The music video is definitely one that showcases why SuperM reign as the superheroes of the world of K-Pop! 

Video/Images Credit: SM Entertainment