K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: Taemin Enthralls With Epic 3rd Album “Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 2”

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Taemin spellbinds with talent beyond boundaries and fantastic lyrics in new album Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 2!

The incredibly talented Taemin is back with a new album Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 2. This is the idol’s last piece of his third album, which was released in three parts. Specifically, music fans will be able to witness the sophisticated vocals of the singer through each track on the list.

Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 2 Countdown Timeline

Taemin suddenly started teasing about his new album with a mysterious bright image, posted on his social media platforms. Later on the same day, it was revealed that the much awaited Act 2 will deliver a total of nine tracks, including the main number “IDEA”.

To share more information, on October 29, the artist dropped another image, this time with the mentioned songs on it. Taemin’s name appeared in some of the credits, further raising the excitement among fans.

For the next days, until the album’s release, Taemin shared his concept images. Through them, he showed different sides of himself, each with its own unique appeal. The artist spiked up the curiosity with his dark themed shots and eye-catching make-up.

He also impressed with the brighter photos that evoked a whole different feeling. In particular, the album is about finding a new identity and the images seemed to hint at that concept through the multiple types of settings.

On November 7, the music video teaser for “IDEA” was uploaded to the online portals. The clip also focused on the various surroundings and shots of the performer, further raising expectations.

Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 2 First Impressions

The album opens with the title track “IDEA”, a dance pop song with a clear contrast between light stylish sections and groovy intense ones. In addition, BoA participated in the music number, attracting even more attention with her charming vocals.

The lyrics are based on Plato’s theory of ideas and describe the process of moving away from one’s former self and finding a new identity. The song impresses with the changes in the different sections, both through the melody and Taemin’s vocals.

“Heaven” is a medium tempo pop number that creates a magnificent feeling with a deep rhythm above the lonely guitar arpeggio melody. Also, Taemin took part in writing the lyrics, which contain sincere words of consolation. The track itself gives a heavenly feeling that is sure to be loved by listeners.

Next we have “Impressionable”, a minimal pop number with an impressive flux source and restrained bass. This song stands out with the versatile vocal abilities of the singer. Also, the melody reminds of the act of chasing, which fits perfectly with the lyrics that compare the act of seduction to a spider who hunts their pray with its webs.

“Be Your Enemy” is an emotional pop song with a calm electric guitar sound that combines the warm tone of Red Velvet’s Wendy with Taemin’s soft vocals. The lyrics captivate with the healing message engraved into them.

Another song for which the idol wrote the lyrics is “Think Of You”. It is an electronic pop song that creates a refreshing atmosphere with a cheerful vocal source and rhythmical guitar. The track will touch people’s hearts as the lyrics express what the singer feels when thinking of his fans.

The following number, “Exclusive”, is the Korean version of the non-title track from Taemin’s third Japanese mini-album. Beginning with an intriguing mysterious melody, this pop dance song captures with its energetic rhythm and the idol’s sensual voice.

“Pansy” is a country-based pop song with gentle acoustic guitar, bass and string sound, combined with the singer’s delicate vocals. The song warms up the heart with its sweet message that expresses the gratitude towards the person who has always been by his side and giving him constant love.

Next, the ballad “I Think It’s Love” charms with its clumsy and simple words of confession, expressed through Taemin’s sincere and beautiful voice. To heighten the feeling of the song, vocal group Heritage became part of the quire at the second half of the song.

Lastly, listeners will be able to melt in Taemin’s soft vocals, which take a turn to showcase their power as the highlight point of “Identity”. If the tune sounds familiar, that is because the track is connected to the artist’s “Outro” piece from his second mini-album WANT.

Moreover, this wraps up the idol’s epic poetry of the third album Never Gonna Dance Again. The spectacular ending portrays the complex emotions one feels after facing a new identity.

“IDEA” MV Afterthoughts

As always, Taemin does not fail to amaze with his music video either. Of course, the clip shows some of the appealing points of the choreography for “IDEA”, reminding us of the idol’s huge dancing talent.

In addition, viewers are left in awe with the different background sets. Looking closely, one in particular stands out due to it being familiar to fans. The forest that appears in “IDEA” is also part of the artist’s previous music clip for “Criminal”, creating a connection between the two.

Meanwhile, the song delivers the process of finding a new self and it is being portrayed exquisitely in the video. The feelings and thoughts embedded in the lyrics are shown through each scene, movement and expression of Taemin.

The video even ends with the idol looking up, taking a pose that implies his “enlightenment” from his new identity.

Source and Image credit: SM Entertainment