K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: Taemin Poured His Emotions Into The Prologue Single “2 KIDS”

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Taemin delivers an impressive sentimental Prologue single “2 KIDS”.

SHINee’s Taemin has started his comeback by releasing the Prologue single “2 KIDS”. Moreover, this track is the opening act for the idol’s upcoming third album which will be released in two parts.

Taemin "2 KIDS"

“2 KIDS” Countdown Timeline

Taemin kicked off his comeback countdown after he shared the plans for his upcoming album. Moreover, the poster stated that the artist will release Never Gonna Dance Again in three steps. The first one included the Prologue “2 KIDS”, while the next two are called “Act 1” and “Act 2”.

The next couple of days, the idol unveiled concept images, portraying him in a different light. Additionally, he managed to hype fans with each and every concept teaser. The pictures gave a chic and intensive feel, especially the ones where Taemin showed his tattoos and accessories.

In addition, the artist took a softer turn in the bright colored images, while still looking rather serious at the camera. Lastly, in the picture where his back is facing the camera, the idol presented a more mysterious look, raising expectations more.

Then, hours before the release of the full single, Taemin dropped a music video teaser. The emotion which the song will bring was delivered during the short trailer. Furthermore, they were emphasized by the idols’ expressions and strong dancing.

“2 KIDS” First Impressions and MV Afterthoughts

“2 KIDS” is an electronic pop song with a warm and comfortable guitar sound, combined with Taemin’s sentimental and delicate vocals. Moreover, the idol participated in writing the lyrics to the track and showed a new side to himself. In addition, the single tells about a painful memory of parting.

Meanwhile, the music video for “2 KIDS” Impressively captured the artist’s performer and emotional vocalist sides. The sensuous voice grabbed the ears while Taemin’s sharp dancing caught the eyes of viewers.

In addition, the video started with the idol laying on the ground and slowly standing up. He continued by collecting his clothes scattered on the ground, as if getting himself back up emotionally. There were also other moments where the performer showed a lost side, complementing his presentation of the song.

Source and image credit: SM Entertainment