K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: UP10TION Shines Bright In 9th Mini-Album “Light Up”

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UP10TION uplifts everyone’s mood through their ninth mini album LIGHT UP!

One year after the release of The Moment of Illusion, UP10TION returns with another enchanting music. Comprised of six songs and a title track that will surely be on your repeat playlist, Light Up will certainly brighten up the idle days.

Light Up Comeback Countdown

UP10TION broke their first hiatus in about a year, and announced that they are gearing for a new comeback through first teaser photo.

Revealed on September 7 midnight KST, the first teaser photo titled “Spectrum Photo Ⅰ”, showed each members dressed in all-white outfits while giving mysterious gazes. Despite the vivid backdrop, the boys remained expressionless which gives off a serious mood.

They continued the countdown and reveal the second teaser photo which is “Spectrum Photo Ⅱ”. The second batch of teaser photos featured solo snapshots of each members. Clad in pastel and vibrant suits, the boys radiated their irresistible charms with a fresh burst of star quality. Looking all dazzling like colored crystals, the seven fine gentlemen are all in a dreamy mood.

In the succeeding days, they dropped new batch of concept photos titled “Hunter Photo Ⅰ”. It featured members Kuhn, Kogyeol, Bitto, Sunyoul, Gyujin, Hwanhee and Xiao, while giving the cameras their fiercest stares and thrilled fans with their intense charisma. Donned in stylish black blazers, the members exuded beauty and luxury.

In between the release of their music video teaser for “Light “, they have also unveiled the official track list of their ninth mini album Light Up. To cap off their countdown, they had released the two music video teasers of their title song.

Light Up Album Impressions

“Light”, which served as the album’s title track, attracts with a decent kind of energy on its first verses. The use of catchy rhythm through percussions, synth sounds and rhythm guitar, affirm that this song has a promising future. With seamless layering of the members’ unique singing voices and exciting raps, the listening sensation becomes satisfying.

Immediately upping the energy, this album brings the mood lifter track called “Destiny”. With the whistling and finger snapping sounds complemented by their crisp vocals, this track gives a groovy feeling.

Right at the very first struck of instrument for “Stop The Clock”, the sounds has already been ingrained in my mind. It is conventional yet extremely attractive. The subtle shift, from the slow to a faster pace and higher notes whenever it reaches the chorus, definitely add more dimension to this unique track. The verses sung by their brilliant vocalists, not to mention the raps flawlessly delivered are all so strong.

The track “Dawn” hints a staple tropical sound on its first note. Then, it progresses with a beckoning harmonization of the members that matches the overall gradual tempo of the song. After the two verses, the track reaches its refrain that was embellished by guitar sounds, and shifting again into EDM tone.

As the album comes to close, the tracks also wind down with “Waiting For You”. This track feature Spanish guitar sounds all throughout, with indications of EDM song elements. It has an overall bewitching aura yet being romantic at times.

Intriguingly, the last track “Empty House” has a mellow tempo at first. Then, it slightly increase the mood with its immersive tone groundwork. The vocal harmonization and lethargic raps are all on point.

“Light” Music video Afterthoughts

The contemporary and funky future bass music track “Light” features bright splashes of synth sound driven with electronic guitar. Staying true to its name, the music video plays with colors and lasers against a prismatic stage. The entire run of UP10TION’s music video radiated their true self in hopes of attracting someone’s attention.

Full of outstanding visuals, it was nothing short of being a work of art through neon light shots, blazing cars and kaleidoscopic rooms. It was an explosion of dance and color all throughout.

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