K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: VICTON – 5th Mini Album “Nostalgia”

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More than a year after the release of their single album “Time of Sorrow”, VICTON is finally back with new music.

VICTON’s much anticipated comeback happened on November 4 with the release of their fifth mini album Nostalgia.

VICTON Billboard Social 50

Aptly named, the album is comprised of six tracks that depicted one’s longing for happier times, reminiscing and basking in that feeling.

Their new EP is indeed extra special as it was released five days ahead of their third debut anniversary (VICTON debuted on November 9, 2016).

Nostalgia, the group’s first release with six members, reflected renewed interest for the group and VICTON’s rising popularity. Thus, it gave the group some major achievements in music charts.

The title track “Nostalgic Night” entered Melon and several real time charts an hour after released and the rest of the tracks (except Intro) made it to Melon too. The group debuted on Billboard’s Social 50 Chart (at #45), a first for the group as well.

Nostalgia Comeback Timeline

On October 7, Play M Entertainment, announced the group’s comeback in November 4. The next day, the agency also revealed the group’s upcoming Asian tour titled VICTON 1st ASIA TOUR [VOICE TO ALICE].

The tour is a follow up to VICTON’s successful fan meeting held in Seoul last September. The tour will have six stops in major Asian cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Bangkok, Taipei, Manila and Seoul.


On October 19, through their SNS account, VICTON unveiled the first group poster and comeback scheduler.

Following the release of the scheduler, on October 21 pre-orders for the album commenced. The album comes in two versions – Nostos and Algos.

On October 22, the track list, with the title song “Nostalgic Night”, was revealed.


The first concept photo images (Nostos version) were released on October 23 and the second set of concept photos (Algos version) were made available the following day (October 24).

“Nostalgic Night” individual trailers were made public on October 25.

The highlight medley was released on October 28. It was followed by two music video  teasers for the title track “Nostalgic Night”, which were revealed consecutively.

M/V Teaser #1

M/V Teaser #2

Nostalgia Album Impressions

Members have actively participated in the production process of their latest release. The album features lyrics and composition from members Chan, Seung Sik and Hanse.

Title track “Nostalgic Night” is composed by BEOMxNANG and member Heo Chan, with lyrics from Han Se and BEOMxNANG.

Rapper Han Se has also contributed lyrics to four songs in their album, while interim leader Seung Sik co-wrote for track “Here I Am”.

Album Tracks

“Intro” (nostalgia) has got listeners prep for what the album is all about. The piano/keyboard notes which greets the listeners and the subtle transition to the more upbeat bass sounds really puts you in the mood to reminisce.

The lyrics and sounds of the title track “Nostalgic Night” will have you go that time when you really longed to be with someone, only to realize they are no longer there.

That part where the music picks up pace is like you being flooded with memories – then that moment it slows down (with Se Jun’s voice crooning) is that exact moment you know all you have are bits and pieces of that time and place.

Meanwhile, “New World” and “Hands Up” are the songs that balance out the melancholic theme of the album.

With the more upbeat melody and lyrics that talk about “flying” and “breaking free”, these songs gave out the more “present” feel, but still have that wistful element to it.

“Farewell” is a parting song, that much is evident from the title. Both the lyrics and the melody really put emphasis on the meaning.

“Here I am” is a dedication song that has full of devotion and sincerity. The words say it all and it is such a comforting track.

It is like VICTON and their fans are singing to each other, telling each other that everything is going to be all right.

It is an ode expressing the members’ emotions, given their current situation, as well as conveying their fans’ feelings.

Nostalgia Album Concept

The two versions, which is named from the etymology of the word Nostalgia, perfectly describe the album. Nostos is the Greek word for “return” or “homecoming” while Algos is the word for “suffering” or “pain”.

The words when combined could mean “painful yearning to return home”. The group is currently feeling that “pain” while Han Seung Woo is “away”, but they are eagerly awaiting his “homecoming”.

So, for now, they would have to create memories on their own, while reminiscing on the old ones. Overall, it is great listening to VICTON’s latest mini album and with six songs, there is none that listeners would have to skip.

“Nostalgic Night” MV Afterthoughts

Keeping true to the song’s theme, the visuals presented in the music video of “Nostalgic Night” reflected it.

The scenes showing each member and them together were all shot in a quaint and vintage environment. The color scheme and the night setting induce that sentimental vibes.

The images presented and the emotions depicted in the M/V highlighted the message of the song. Watching the music video, especially the individual scenes will put you on that same spot feeling the loneliness and the longing to get a hold of those memories with someone.

Members are given enough spotlight to showcase those appealing visuals and how each of them is yearning for something or someone in the past.

Images and Videos from Play M Entertainment.