K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: Weki Meki Strikingly Charms In 4th Mini-album “NEW RULES”

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Weki Meki sets its New Rules in a colorful new mini-album.

Girl group Weki Meki is here with its latest mini-album New Rules. The artists successfully show a new charm through their music, bringing out different types of songs to listen to.

Weki Meki New Rules

NEW RULES Countdown Timeline

Weki Meki shared a logo poster back in September, declaring their comeback with a new mini-album. The rough and intense atmosphere of the picture poked at the curiosity of fans, raising their excitement.

Just two days later, the group uploaded their scheduler, beginning their countdown.

On September 24 and 25, the idols unveiled their “Break” and “Take” versions of the concept photos for NEW RULES. In the set with bright backgrounds, the girls looked astonishing, emitting a mature feminine charm.

Meanwhile, in the next set, the idols showed a more relaxed image with their comfortable choice of attire. The message of the album about breaking out of the set norm was visible in the unit shots of both versions.

In addition to the images, two concept films were revealed to show glimpses of the photo shooting process and to highlight the members’ visuals.

Later on, the group announced the five song titles which would be included in the mini-album. In particular, they were revealed in the form of a Highlight Medley video, previewing a bright set of melodies.

Lastly, Weki Meki shared two music video teasers for the main song “COOL” on October 4 and 6. The trailers exposed an alluring feel, further raising the expectations for an attractive full version of the clip.

NEW RULES First Impressions

The title track “COOL” is a dance number with groovy rhythm, charming bass line and cool synth sound. The lyrics impressively state Weki Meki’s determination to leave the set norm and show a different side to them. The track emanates confidence which the group transfers to its listeners.

“Sweet Dreams” is a Future Bass-based dance track, creating a mysterious atmosphere. The lyrics invite into a magical night, captivating with the fairy tale sound of the song. Moreover, the number stands out with the gentleness of the members’ voices and the parts before the chorus which resemble the sweet fall into slumber,

The next song features a minimal arrangement based on an acoustic guitar and the clear voices of Weki Meki. “D-DAY” tells of the shyness a person feels when wanting to confess their feelings and at the same time, the confidence when approaching that special someone.

Following is a special song, “Just Us”, which features lyrics from members Rina, Lucy and Yoojung, and is co-composed by Suyeon. It is a warm acoustic medium pop song with a mellow piano sound. Specifically, the lyrics illustrate the time the members spend together from their trainee days until now.

“100 Facts (COOL Eng ver)” is the full English version of the title track of the album. It presents a different feeling from the original Korean piece and appeals with the message of having fun together.

“COOL” MV Afterthoughts

The music video brings justice to the title of the song, showing the new side of the members. The all-white clothes grab the attention, with the idols dancing on a black background. Likewise, they captivate with the colorful and relaxed attire, giving a more wild and free vibe.

Above all, Weki Meki presents a powerful and confident side, further emphasized in their performance, gestures and expressions. Also, the clip is filled with the gorgeous visuals of the girls, adding to the appeal of the song.

The group does not fail to excite with its energy, especially during the dance scenes of “COOL”, creating a stunning video.

Source and Image credit: Fantagio Music