K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: WJSN Blooms Amongst The Flowers In 8th Mini Album “Neverland”

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WJSN’s Neverland is a series of feel good tracks, mixed with colorful and whimsical visuals.

Seven months after the release of As You Wish, WJSN is back with enthralling music. Comprised of six songs and a title track that will surely lift everyone’s spirits during these trying times, Neverland is set to become your next summer soundtrack.

Comeback Countdown Timeline

WJSN announced that they will be releasing new music last month, through an enthralling teaser photo which featured floral elements and butterflies. Aside from a glimpse of their new concept, the teaser photo also confirmed the mini album’s release date of June 9.

From May 20 to June 2, the group kept spirits high for the countdown to their comeback by unveiling concept photos that were centered on floral elements and set in a brightly-colored forest.

Aside from teaser images, WJSN also rolled out a series of moving teasers – which are GIFs, showing the members holding butterfly-themed objects, or posing in the forest while butterflies fly around their heads.

In between the releases of teaser photos, the group also gave their fans a glimpse into their upcoming music through concept trailers and secret films released online. To cap off their countdown, they had released a highlight reel for all the tracks featured on their mini album.

Neverland Album Impressions

The mini album opens with “Butterfly,” a track that features a funky instrumental and strong vocals from the group. Their title track is one that’s crafted to make any listener feel good, with lyrics that certainly lift your self-esteem with messages which highlight one’s confidence and inner strengths.

Immediately upping the energy of the mini album is “HOLA,” a lively dance track that features bright vocals from the group. The real highlight is the group chanting “Shake it, we make the rules again!” – a line that will definitely have everyone up on their feet and dancing around their rooms.

One of the stand-out tracks in Neverland is “Pantomime”, mainly because it features a beat that you won’t forget anytime soon and features a playful side to the girls. The subtle shift to a faster pace and higher notes towards the end definitely add more dimension to an already unforgettable track.

Aside from lively tracks, Neverland also brings a whimsical vibe with “Where You Are.” The track features WJSN’s signature sound, combined with beautifully penned lyrics, and a symphonic instrumental that consists of catchy beats and dazzling string instrumentals.

As the album comes to a close, the tracks also wind down – as seen in “Tra-la.” Neverland‘s fifth track features all the elements of a typical tropical house track, making it the perfect addition to any summer playlist. “Tra-la” exudes a vibe reminiscent of slower summer days, but feels a little playful all the same.

Capping off the lively album is “Our Garden,” which features a more mellow vibe compared to the first five tracks. The final track on Neverland gives off a more laid-back vibe, one that is further highlighted by WJSN’s harmonic vocals. Overall, “Our Garden” evokes a sense of nostalgia for slower days.

“Butterfly” MV Afterthoughts

Echoing the track’s bright and lively nature is the music video. Aside from lifting everyone’s spirits, “Butterfly” takes its viewers through different whimsical settings: from bedrooms lit in pastel shades to grassy fields filled with colorful and enchanting flowers.

The dance breaks also elevate the feel-good vibe of the song, through smooth and elegant movements – mixed in with playful steps and powerful bursts of energy in between.

Image credits: Starship Entertainment