K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: Zico Delivers The Ultimate Summer Package With His 3rd Mini Album “RANDOM BOX”

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Zico has a special delivery for fans as he releases his quirky new album RANDOM BOX!

Zico released his third mini album RANDOM BOX and it’s everything that fans hoped for and more! The album is a sweet, breezy summer surprise.


The tracks are very versatile with their varied musical styles but one thing remains common among all of the tracks. All the songs have a very light note to them that is both, refreshing and comforting.

The album is one to be saved into every listeners’ playlists. The multi-talented soloist wows with his vocals and slays with his signature rap style. Having produced all of the tracks on the album, Zico surely makes an impact as an powerhouse musician.

RANDOM BOX Countdown Timeline

On June 22, Zico made a surprising announcement on KOZ Entertainment’s official SNS of his comeback. He revealed the title of his album through a monochromatic image that bared the words, RANDOM BOX on well, a box.

Zico followed it up with a playful track list that raised up fans’ excitement especially with the reveal of two cool collaborations on the album. The image for the track list is eye-catching with the dominant blue and white colors. However, it somehow and quite ironically (read: title track) evokes quite the summery vibe!

Zico random box track list

Further, on June 24, 25, 26 and 27, the artist melted fans’ hearts after he revealed concept photos that beautifully contrasted the warm and cool color tones to create the perfect summer poster.

On June 27, Zico treated his fellow musicians, namely Yoona, Jay Park, AKMU’s Lee Su Hyun, Lee Hyo Ri and Lee Sang Soon, to a listening session of his album’s title track, “SUMMER HATE”.

Much to Zico’s delight, the artists had only but the best things to say. Yoona exclaimed, “It’s my style. It seems to be the right lyrics for the weather”. Subsequently, Jay Park added,  “It looks fresh and it’s very new”. He asserted that the track was quite a comforting one to listen to as well.

“SUMMER HATE” reminded Lee Hyo Ri and Lee Sang Soon of the past tracks that had dance vibes to them. Lee Hyo Ri asked Zico, “Are you making this track with an aim to make it a hit?”. She further stated, “It’s a rhythm that anyone can match their steps to irrespective of whether they can dance well or not.”

He teased his fans with a zany spoiler clip from his music video for “SUMMER HATE,” with Rain on June 28.

Zico raised fans’ anticipations with an colorful, charming and catchy album sampler that gave a sneak peek of each track on his RANDOM BOX.

Looking like the ultimate summertime fantasy, Zico and Rain posted a refreshing clip of them dancing to the track “SUMMER HATE,” on the former’s TikTok channel.

Just a few hours before the release of his RANDOM BOX, on June 30, Zico had a triple treat in store for fans. He revealed two marvelous mini clips for “SUMMER HATE”.

And, a “SUMMER HATE,” challenge video on his TikTok channel.

But wait! There’s more. In order to guide fans to follow the challenge, Zico posted a sweet step by step video to breakdown the choreography for the viewers.

RANDOM BOX First Impressions

For a track that deplores the season of summer, it has quite the summery vibe to it! “SUMMER HATE” is an all out bop from the get go. The brass based melody is light. Though it is majorly composed of bright synths and rhythm guitar, it has low toned trap beats that captivates listeners.

The lyricism matches the lighthearted dynamic as well. Zico sounds absolutely phenomenal with his carefree style as he complains about the hot weather. He wishes for a rain shower and a ‘rain’ shower he gets! Rain takes the wheel during the chorus with his husky vocals to deliver one of the catchiest hooks alongside Zico.

“Cartoon,” is just as its name suggests, amusing and happy-go-lucky in its approach. Zico sounds very animated as he talks about a special someone he can’t seem to take his mind off from. He sings, “Who are you? I can’t take my eyes off you/ There is non sense of reality, when I look at you I feel shocked/ This scene is like a cartoon movie/Like Neo-Tube million views in seconds/ The circular eyes have vortexes in them swirling around/ This scene is like a cartoon movie.”

Fresh guitar riffs and a funky bass-line merged with organ and woodwind sounds make for a very snappy rhythm. Overall, the track is one that can be described as a euphoric earworm that listeners cant get enough of.

Next, the track “Love & Hate,” takes a bit of a detour into more of a electropop meets R&B genre in comparison to the two previous peppy songs. Zico’s voice just adds to the melody as he delves into breathy tones and high notes while also stunning with his staccato rap style in this track.

The track talks about a love-hate relationship between a couple as the lyrics express the couple’s relationship being like an epitome of the term ‘it’s complicated,’ and even drawing comparisons to the cartoon characters Tom & Jerry. BIBI features only briefly on the track. However, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t create a power packed impact. Her airy vocals are beautiful and awe inspiring that add a lovely texture to the rhythm as well.

The singer-rapper fires it up with his swag on the track, “No You Can’t,” which is reminiscent of Zico’s early mix-tapes. This is a straight up hip-hop track that boasts of heavy synths and sharp hi-hats on an intense trap beat. His enrapturing rap verses backed with his aggressive ad-libs  make an edgy statement.

The song is almost like a diss for all the people who want to bring him down which is expressed through the sarcastic nature of the lyrics. “No You Cant'” is definitely a track for all the K-Hip-hop fans out there.

“Roommate” is the last track on the album and starts off like a Netflix ad to add a dramatic flair. However, the lyrics are more heartwarming as the singer expresses his emotions for his roommate. He talks about in-sync heartbeats and growing old and wasting time together.

The jazzy percussion and Zico’s soft vocals ensure a comforting ambiance. The singer surprises with his flawless falsetto towards the end of the track during the bridge. The breezy guitar riffs close the track and the album on a very soothing note.

“SUMMER HATE” MV Afterthoughts

In the most ironical way, “SUMMER HATE,” gives viewers major summer vibes with the warm toned settings and the heavy use of a summery pastel color scheme. The video shows the effects of summer in the most dramatic way which is extremely entertaining to watch.

The imagery is quirky and true to the title of the album, random as well. Scenes of Zico cooking breakfast on the hot ground, clothes on fire due to the heat and even the singer taking off like a literal hot air balloon, make for some hilarious moments that are sure to make fans crack a smile.

The singer expresses his antipathy towards the hot weather in the most extra way with stills of him, Rain and the world around them actually melting like ice-cream! The music video is very straight forward in its conceptualization.

Moreover, the catchy beat and the easy dance steps make viewers want to try a hand at it as well. The energy of the track a fun loving one and so is the album as a whole. Overall, one can say that Zico’s RANDOM BOX is full of sunshine, rainbows, wit and happy tunes!

Image & Video Credit: KOZ Entertainment

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