K-Pop Debut Spotlight: CRAVITY – 1st Mini Album “Season 1. Hideout: Remember Who We Are”

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CRAVITY conquers the K-Pop scene with their powerful debut album Season 1. Hideout: Remember Who We Are!

CRAVITY electrifies and stuns everyone as they “Break all The Rules” in their newest music video. Offering hybrid of addictive beats and rich vocals, their album Season 1. Hideout: Remember Who We Are is a perfect energetic jam.


CRAVITY’s Debut Countdown Timeline

Indicating the start of their debut countdown, CRAVITY unveiled a unique teaser photo where the members sat down at the top end of a high block.


On March 28, CRAVITY released a 30-second prologue film teaser of their debut album Season 1. Hideout: Remember Who We Are.

Two days later, they shared the full version of the prologue film. The video implied the mark of new beginnings; highlighting topics such as friendships and their lives in general.

From April 1 to 9, the group launched a series of individual teaser photos that comes in three versions showcasing varying sides of each member. Without a doubt, the endless charms and flaring visuals makes fans head-over-heels with these charming boys.

Concept Photo # 1

Concept Photo # 2

Concept Photo # 3

Four days prior to their most-awaited debut, CRAVITY unveils three group teaser photos further tickling the anticipating fans.

Thereafter, an astounding and gripping MV teaser of the album’s title track “Break all the Rules” has been introduced carrying a powerful beat.

On April 13, the boys hyped fans up by unveiling the preview of their debut album Season 1. Hideout: Remember Who We Are which was filled with amazing and addictive tracks.

Season 1. Hideout: Remember Who We Are First Impression

CRAVITY’s debut album is mind-blowing in terms of intense rhythm and vocals. Also, its brave and confident representation of zealousness is distinctively present.

“Top of the Chain” is a blaring song with loud drums and beats that claims dominance and power to conquer the world.

Moreover, the title track “Break all the Rules” leaves a huge impact in terms of its overall sound. Interestingly, it is similar sounding with “Top of the Chain”.

With a daunting yet high booming intro, “JUMPER” is an energetic song that aligns to the the same idea from the previous songs. As the song continues, it creates a feeling of wanting to gravitate towards the chorus because of its intense rhythm which makes you jump at the same time.

“Blackout” highlights more of the members’ vocals. It also contains more of flighty melodies – from raising into overthrowing the spirit and vice-versa.

The fifth track “Stay” is strangely good. It boasts a very good rhythm and laid-back tenor. The EDM song depicts and nurtures growth and affection at the same time.

“Cloud 9” gives a groovy feeling. It also puts you in a light mood befitting of its title. It gives a free spirited reign while capturing the emotions of the song.

Lastly, “Star” indicates someone being the light in their darkest moment. It is a dreamy song subtly professing warmth and affection for the having that person as a beacon of hope.

“Break all the Rules” MV Afterthoughts

CRAVITY really did break all the rules on their debut launch! The music video is determined to display the array of talents the group has in a lot of ways. Firstly, the very intro brings you into some addictive sensation – where you can help but continue watching it.

Credit it to the well-established various settings perfectly complementing the members’ visuals and charms. The display of lights was orchestrated greatly. Thus, creating the desired ambiance and making the music video appealing and impressive.

The music is also addictive following its theme of being free from the restrictions of life. “Break all the Rules” – a simple yet very tough decision to make. However, the boys choose to unleash their inner gallant spirit.

With the passion burning in their hearts, they are determined not to remain imprisoned from the ideas deceiving them. Despite all the limitations, and boundaries set in front of their eyes, they break free – they break all the rules – because its their lives anyway.

Images and Videos Credit: Starship Entertainment