K-Pop Debut Look Back: How VIXX Trained To Become A “Super Hero”

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Super heroes are born not made, and VIXX confidently proved to the world that they were always born to take the stage.

VIXX stood for “voice, visual, value in excelsis”, and it definitely showed in their artistry. N, Leo, Ken, Ravi, Hongbin and Hyuk set out to rise above the rest through carefully crafted unique stories and concepts, expressed through their songs and their stage performances. Before they were telling their unique stories to a riveted audience, however, they worked their hardest to climb to the top and debut.

Today, we are taking it back to 2012: when VIXX trained their hardest to become everyone’s “Super Hero”

VIXX - The Oriental fantasy concept is fresh and unique

VIXX has made a successful comeback with their Oriental fantasy concept

“Super Hero” Training

Before they were VIXX, they were contestants on the Mnet survival show, MyDOL. VIXX’s current line-up features the winners from the survival show, making appearances on Brian Joo and Seo In Guk’s music videos before debuting. N, Leo, Ken, Ravi, Hongbin, and Hyuk eventually kicked off their careers with “Super Hero”, released in May 2012.

VIXX’s debut year also marked the first of many overseas performances. Later that same year, the group flew out to Maryland to perform in the Otakon convention. In September, the group was part of the line-up for Jellyfish Live in Tokyo and attended KCON 2012 the following month.

Becoming The Darkest Angels Worldwide

In 2014, VIXX began their foray into Japanese music with a full-length compilation album that contained re-releases of their Korean hits in Japanese. Their album, Darkest Angels, later charted in the top 10 of the Oricon charts for five consecutive weeks. Later that same year, the boys took the stage in Osaka and Tokyo for their first solo world tour, VIXX Live Fantasia – Hex Sign.

The following year, VIXX widened their sights and ventured into the Chinese music industry. In February, VIXX made history by becoming the first Korean act to be invited to attend the The KKBOX Music Awards in Taipei. Later that same year, the boys broke out into the Chinese music scene with “命中注定 (Destiny Love)”, a remake of Harlem Yu’s hit of the same name.

“Walking” With VIXX

The last two years have witnessed many changes in VIXX: from concepts to their activities as individual artists. In 2018, they took the world by storm with their third full-length album, Eau de VIXX. The album topped the Gaon Weekly Album Charts and the Billboard US World Albums chart upon its release.

2019 saw the mandatory enlistment of N, as well as the remaining VIXX members embarking on solo activities. Earlier this year, the group held their V TOY STORY fan meeting before N’s enlistment. In order to cheer up and thank their beloved Starlights, VIXX released a music video for “Walking” — a special song which they performed in their fan meeting.

The members of VIXX are currently busy with individual activities. Ravi made his comeback with his second mini album R.OOK BOOK on March 5, surprising Starlights with a stunning music video for “See-Through”.

Leo, meanwhile, gets ready to stand on South Korea’s concert stage again through his 2nd Concert “Muse” which will take place in June. The singer will present new stages and inspire people with his music and vocal skills on June 14 to 16 at the Blue Square iMarket Hall.


Hyuk brightened up every Starlights’ spring with the release of “If Only”, a collaboration with An Daeun of The Ade. The VIXX member once again participated in composing and writing the lyrics of the song which came out in January this year, showcasing his sensibility and musicality.

Finally, Ken embarked on his first solo meeting, HAPPY KEN DAY (I KEN DO IT). Notably, the singer celebrated his birthday through a special two-day fan meeting, which he personally directed.

VIXX's Ken

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