K-Pop Debut Spotlight: Wonho Spellbinds With Sublime Sounds On “Love Synonym”

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Wonho is back with a bang with an album that can be the new definition of the term flawless in the dictionary!

Wenee the day has finally come! Wonho unveiled his first album Part.1 Love Synonym(#1) Right for Me. Showing his all round talents, the artist has truly impressed with his diverse sound styles which pair perfectly with his sonorous vocals. Part.1 Love Synonym(#1) Right for Me is an album on which Wonho shines on each and every track that also showcases his musical genius.


Part.1 Love Synonym(#1) Right for Me Debut Timeline

HIGHLINE Entertainment had got fans’ excitements running high after the agency announced mid-July that Wonho was preparing for his debut sometime later in August. However, the news finally became official on August 7 when the singer revealed his regal official logo, thereby commencing the timeline leading to his debut.

Wonho then made the announcement that everyone was eagerly waiting for. The sweet soloist announced his first album Part.1 Love Synonym(#1) Right for Me on August 9.

wonho love synonym

Giving rise to anticipations, he then unfolded an official schedule for the same on August 10.

wonho schedule poster

On August 11, Wonho released a soul stirring teaser for the pre-release track from his album “Losing You”…

…before releasing the heartfelt full song on August 14 that evidently captivated listeners as the song placed at No. 1 on the iTunes charts in 16 regions less than a day after its release. Wonho further released the lyric version of “Losing You” in multiple languages on August 18 as well.

The artist then piqued curiosities as he unraveled a thrilling track list showcasing a a tranquil blue toned backdrop bearing the names of the eight tracks “Open Mind”, “I Just”, “Lost in Paradise”, “Losing You” (Korean version), “Interlude: Runway”, “With You”, “Open Mind” (English version), and “Losing You” on August 20.


From August 23 to 26, Wonho came for Wenee’s hearts as he unveiled multiple concept photos that were every meaning of the word beautiful to put it simply.


Subsequently, on August 30, the vocalist then turned up the heat with a heart thumping music video teaser for the lead track of his album titled, “Open Mind”.

Thereafter, on September 1 Wonho released a delightful album teaser wherein he gave sweet sneak peeks of each of the tracks on his album Part.1 Love Synonym(#1) Right for Me.

Part.1 Love Synonym(#1) Right for Me First Impressions

It wouldn’t be far fetched to state that the album Part.1 Love Synonym(#1) Right for Me, is truly a gift for Wenee from Wonho as he brings forward an assorted mix of harmonies ranging from a wide range of genres to cater to every listener’s musical taste. With eight tracks on the album, it is safe to say that each of them have their own standing and showcase the vocalist’s wide range of musical spectra.

Open Mind

This electro pop number is one that is sure to captivate listeners especially with its groovy composition of resounding warped 808 bass and funky guitar riffs that create a moody and dreamy vibe.

Wonho emanates power and confidence when he assertively sings, “It’s obvious, you’re the only one that matters/ We’re talking for now, but we can do that after/ Something I got that your life’s been missing/ When I felt the heat I couldn’t keep my distance/ Let’s do the things that we can’t say/ I’m talking ’bout now girl, let’s not wait/ Don’t you want something different?”. He then promises to make his lover’s desires come true in his husky soft voice which adds to the overall sexy feel of the track.

I just

If a song could literally melt hearts, then this track is sure to turn listeners’ hearts into puddles! “I just” is an endearing track that talks about the feelings of someone falling in love. The moment Wonho begins singing, he exudes warmth with his sweet vocals backed with a lilting of a piano and synth based melody.

Lost In Paradise

Playful and passionate is what “Lost In Paradise” can be described as. The chilled out R&B rhythm perfectly complements Wonho’s airy notes and faultless falsettos. The lyricism captures the nervy emotions one feels after falling hard for someone as the singer avows, “You’re making me this way, me this way, me this way, me this me/ What the hell do you think?/ I’d rather not know uh/ What the hell is it that makes my heart flutter/ Why do you keep making people sleepless?/ You can’t find your way around yeah/ It’s okay. One place to go. Paradise.”

Losing You

“Losing You” relays a powerful message in his soft and serene voice that reverberates against a lulling piano melody. Through a live chat on YouTube before the video’s premiere, Wonho said that the lyrics are an expression of all that he wants to convey to his fans.


And the vocalist does just that in a sincere way as he guilelessly declares, “Baby I would go to war for you/ Build an army if you need me to/ Coz losing me is better than losing you/ Don’t you know/ That I would die for you/ If I knew that you would make it through/ Coz losing me is better than losing you.”

Wonho deeply loves and cares for his fans and it is evident in each line and verse of “Losing You”.

Interlude: Runway

“Interlude: Runway” is a fun heart thumping number, with a bass heavy trance instrumental. The track stays true to its name as it is reminiscent of music pieces played during a fashion show.


“WITH YOU” is yet another track that taps into Wonho’s more bold and fierce side. The multi-talented musician sounds both sweet yet seductive as he croons, “I’m a thrill I’m so dangerous/ Look at me, you can’t stand it/ But suddenly, you’re next to me/ In the blink of an eye/ Come with me tonight.”

Whats more is that ace singer-songwriter Jooyoung has participated in the conceptualization of the track as well. “WITH YOU” brings out Wonho’s limitless charms in the finest way.

wonho love synonym

MV Afterthoughts

Wonho turns up the heat with this music video so much so that it feels even hotter than summer!

In the music video for “Open Mind”, Wonho showcases both a chivalrous yet coquettish side to him. He looks dapper and dangerous all at once. Moreover, the multiple motifs within the video are symbolic of the innuendos within the track.

The two black and white snakes are reflective of the suggestive message of the track while the panther signifies himself and his need to break free. However at a deeper level, they are also symbolic – snakes signify rebirth, transformation and healing and black panthers represent strength and courage.

Additionally, tossing a silver coin specifically depicting the Greek goddess Tyche who represents chance, fate, going upwards in an elevator past hundreds of floors and driving a powerful car through a tunnel of neon lights all in a sense represent Wonho’s ambitions of moving upwards and ahead and going after what his heart desires.

Besides this, Wonho embodies power in his edgy styles. He does not shy away from sleek outfits that show off his chiseled physique much to the delight of fans for the music video. The neon lights and ambient setting are only enhanced by the soloist’s and dazzling visuals.

“Open Mind” is a stunning track wherein the vocalist wows with not just as a singer but also as a lyricist and a dancer as well. “Open Mind” is testament to why Wonho is such a powerhouse artist and the fact is only solidified with this amazing album overall.

Source: HIGHLINE Entertainment