K-Pop Music Spotlight: ASTRO’s Moonbin & Sanha Harmonize In 1st Mini-Album “IN-OUT”

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Moonbin and Sanha demonstrate vocal harmony in their first album as a unit.

ASTRO’s unit Moonbin and Sanha deliver their own and unique colors in their first mini-album IN-OUT. The two showcase their charming and sweet vocals in the specially prepared five songs on their track list.

IN-OUT Countdown Timeline

ASTRO announced its first unit, consisting of members Moonbin and Sanha, and began teasing their debut since August. The first light which was shined on this new duo was the date of their album’s release, September 14. Next they unveiled their first mini-album to be called IN-OUT, further intriguing fans.

On August 26, their representative agency dropped the schedule, allowing them to begin a full-fledged countdown. Through it, the duo promised interesting contents which awaited fans.

Firstly, the boys presented an eye-catching track list poster, which revealed the names of the five songs on the album. In addition, this post unveiled the title piece to be “BAD IDEA”.

From August 31 until September 4, the duo released various concept images. They began with the album’s two versions called “FADE OUT” and “FADE IN” which definitely made an impact among fans.

In particular, the first version brought out a darker atmosphere, while the second one perfectly contrasted with its bright tones.

The next batch of photos focused on each member individually. Both showcased tattoos and messages in English, which stimulated fans’ curiosity even more. The two also emitted a mysterious aura while flaunting their handsome visuals.

On September 7, the unit uploaded a preview of their album. It not only gave an idea of the songs’ sound but also combined the sound with fitting moments of the jacket shooting.

Following up next, the duo shared marvelous character teasers. The ticking clock sounds in both clips and the suspenseful atmosphere raised the expectations about the full album’s release.

Lastly on September 11, Moonbin and Sanha teased with a music video trailer for the main track “BAD IDEA”. The clip showed more intense scenes and even hinted at a time-stopping element. The full version was released at the same time as the mini-album.

IN-OUT First Impressions

Starting with the first song on the list “Eyez On U”, Moonbin and Sanha show off their different and unique colors. This is a Future R&B track with unique instrument composition and refined melody lines.

The title piece “BAD IDEA” captivates with its simple but aggressive drum and bass. Also, the song, which is filled with guitar sounds, has a simple composition, focusing on the expressive vocals. The catchy chorus is bound to further grab and keep the attention of the listener.

Next on the list is the outstanding R&B track “Alone” featuring a vintage piano. The lyrics express the lonely feelings one has while waiting for a call from a special person, who is presented as someone out of reach.

Then, the album continues with the emotional R&B song “All I Wanna Do”. With the combination of a refreshing acoustic sound and Moonbin and Sanha’s sweet vocals, the track delivers a frank confession. The artists sing about how any difficulty can be overcome with that significant other by their side.

The last song “Dream Catcher” starts with an enchanting melody that grabs the listener right away. The whole track is centered on an electric guitar which delivers a soothing feeling. Meanwhile, the duo achieves perfect harmony with their charming and dedicate vocals which complete the song

“BAD IDEA” MV Afterthoughts

The music video for “BAD IDEA” began with a promising intensity which continued on. The clip was quite engaging to watch, with the story set in it and the powerful dance which the unit brought out.

Moreover, the video showed the members fainting and entering another realm. Also, there was play with time which had either stopped or rewinded to unveil some shocking moments. Above all, catching the attention were the final scenes, which portrayed a striking reveal.

Source and Image credit: Fantagio Music