K-Pop Music Spotlight: Super Junior D&E Shows Catchy Charm In 4th Mini Special Album “BAD LIAR”

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Super Junior D&E returns with new addictive tracks in special BAD LIARย album.

It has not been a month since Super Junior unit D&E dropped its fourth mini-album BAD BLOODย and the two are already releasing new music.ย BAD LIARย is a mini special album which includes two additional songs to their previous 5-track comeback at the start of September.

BAD LIAR Countdown Timeline

D&E hinted at yet another album release through a mysterious dark poster. Expectation and excitement both rose about the two new song additions.

The duo later began counting down the days by uploading a concept film with a mysterious atmosphere and melody, further hyping fans.

In addition, the duo shared a lyrics spoiler for their new title track “No Love”. The images exuded a more darker feel compared to the unit’s previous take with BAD BLOOD.

The two then began revealing various images from September 23 to 25. In the first set, the two men looked stunning in their simple attire, all the while focusing on delivering the “liar” concept of the album. In particular, the actual poses of Donghae and Eunhyuk were evidently different from those of their shadows.

The next batch of visual parade included eye-catching colors and mesmerizing looks. The dark background helped further emphasize the two men on the photos. Later on the same day, the duo followed with the unit shots and their opposite light hue.

The last revealed images did not fail to capture the attention with the classy black-and-white look. The artists gave off a mature and alluring vibe while showing off their exquisite outer appearance.


D&E continued their concept presentation with three short jacket films. The first one focused on the duo, while the other two pointed out the members’ individual charms.

The last teaser that came out was the music video trailer for the main track “No Love”. The clip hinted at the prepared choreography and the type of feeling which the song will bring.

BAD LIARย First Impressions

The first addition to this special album is the electric dance track “No Love”. It impresses with its catchy tunes, Eunhyuk’s sensual rapping and Donghae’s sweet vocals.

Meanwhile, the lyrics frankly express the instinct of being strongly attracted to a charming person. The change during the bridge shows a different side from the rest of the song, definitely adding a whole new feel.

The other piece included in the album is “What Is Your Name?” and it features fellow Super Junior member Shindong. The song was presented during SUPER SHOW 8ย and is just now being released as a bonus track in D&E’s BAD LIAR.

From the sound of it, the three members have fun performing it. The song itself has playful lyrics and the artists’ vocals have a very pleasing sound.

“No Love” MV Afterthoughts

The music video for “No Love” began with D&E’s fascination over a beautiful woman. The two were later shown having drinks with her and looking as if they were enchanted with one another.

Most of the clip focused on the dance for the song and the synchronization between the performers. Also standing out were the flashy jackets which the two wore. When the bridge of the song started, Donghae and Eunhyuk had changed clothes, as if to point out how things would change between them and the woman at the end of the night.

Source and Image credit: SJ Label

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