K-Pop Music Spotlight: Taemin Pours Thrill & Emotion In His 3rd Album “Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1”

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Taemin drops another hit album that will take you on a suspenseful and thrilling journey, reminiscent of a movie.

Taemin creates a film-like atmosphere with his latest tracks from his third album Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1. The songs showcase the idol’s talent and growth as a singer and deliver various emotions. This is an album which definitely deserves a listen!

Taemin Never Gonna Dance Again Act 1

Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1 Countdown Timeline

On August 24, Taemin dropped the promotion schedule for Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1. This put a start to the long-awaited first part of his third album.

Firstly, he began the teasers with the reveal of the full track list. It showed a total of nine songs, including the title track “Criminal”, a Korean version for “Famous” and the already released Prologue single “2 KIDS”. Also, with the poster came a short clip, reminiscent of an old camera projector.

From August 29 to September 5, the artist shared various types of concept images. The idol showcased different attires and exuded an alluring aura in all the pictures. Specifically, he focused on the mysterious atmosphere, as well as darker and wilder vibes.

In between the released photos, the artist also shared two outstanding mood samplers. They were separated in two categories- “Suspect” and “Innocent”.

In particular, the clips reminded of a thriller movie with their suspenseful setting and feel. Through them, Taemin successfully raised the expectations and excitement for his new album.

Lastly, on September 5 and 6, the idol shared two music video teasers for the title song “Criminal”. The first focused on the different aspects of the performer, while the second one showed glimpses of the dance choreography.

Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1 First Impressions

The first song and also title track “Criminal” is a synth-wave song that combines a tense rhythm with a newtro sound. Taemin’s sensual vocals combined with the melody and the lyrics melt together to complete a movie-like music piece. It tells of the impossible task to escape from someone, even when you want to. It is definitely a do-not-miss to listen.

“Black Rose” is a pop song with a dark yet colorful keyboard sound, nostalgic orgel source and intense strings. The track has an impressive feel that pulls the listeners, especially during the powerful chorus. In addition, rapper Kid Milli featured in the song, which added to its charm.

Another fascinating track on the list is “Strangers”, an attractive dark pop piece with a mysterious atmosphere.. It also features minimal EP sounds and oriental melody. The lyrics describe the meeting of formal lovers who pass each other like strangers. Taemin completes the song with his incredible vocal play.

The album continues with the medium tempo dance piece “Waiting For” with a violin melody and Spanish guitar ad lib. The noticeable tango rhythms heighten the sensual feeling and creates another remarkable track on the list.

The next song is the Korean version of Taemin’s Japaneses song “Famous”. It stands out with its repeated rhythm patterns and impactful base lines. The lyrics express the conflict about being an artist, specifically the difference on and off stage.

Then, the ballad pop song “Clockwork” takes the spotlight with its poetic lyrics. They tell of the constant recalling of memories for a lost lover and compares it to a constantly moving clock. Moreover, the sound of the second hand of a clock is added to emphasize the feeling of the song. Also, Taemin delivers the desired atmosphere with his beautiful sensible voice.

Through the medium tempo R&B pop song “Just Me And You”, the artist presents another type of charm. The track is characterized by the heavy drum beats, retro tape source and whispering vocal sounds. The music piece captures the listener with all its parts and even further during the powerful chorus.

“Nemo” sparks the interest with its 90s vibes sensibility, heavy rhythm, rhythmical guitar and keyboard sound. This R&B track allows Taemin’s emotional voice to shine, showcasing his immense talent.

Lastly, the album includes the pre-released track “2 KIDS”, an electronic pop song with a warm and comfortable guitar sound. The melody is combined with the artists’s delicate vocals, which portray his growth as a singer even more.

“Criminal” MV Afterthoughts

Likewise to the album itself, the music video for “Criminal” is absolutely breathtaking. It starts off with a suspenseful tune and police sounds, showing Taemin’s confident gaze while being cuffed.

The video delivers enthralling shots, focusing on the powerful performance given by the idol. Meanwhile, the various sets bring an even bigger impact with the eye-catching colors, the stunning backgrounds and the striking choices of clothes.

Above all, Taemin enchants with his precise movements and enticing expressions. The whole video is a delight to the eye, making it a necessity to watch.

Source and image credit: SM Entertainment

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