K-pop World Shocked By ‘End Of An Era’, Fans Say #ThankYou2NE1

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Would BLACKPINK be able to replace 2NE1? Poll below.

YG Entertainment hit the K-pop industry with two shocking goodbyes on November 25 with 2NE1‘s disbandment and Nam Taehyun‘s departure from WINNER.

While Inner Circles are lamenting the lost of the youngest member of WINNER, Blackjacks also took onto Twitter with the whirlwind of emotions caused by 2NE1’s disbandment.

Fans all over the world used the hashtag #ThankYou2NE1, which trended at the number one spot of the worldwide trends yesterday.

“End of an Era,” one tweet reads, “Queens that literally changed K-pop. Your music will forever live on. #ThankYou2NE1”

The tweet garnered almost 9,000 retweets and liked by over 5, 500 users.

Another tweet has dubbed the group “legends” from debut until its disbandment, a sentiment echoed by more than 1,500 users. Another user recognized the contribution of the group to the expansion of Hallyu or Korean wave. “They deserved the world,” she wrote which received almost 1, 500 retweets and more than 1, 700 likes.

Other fans also dubbed 2NE1 “icons” and “foundations of K-pop” along with TVXQ, Super Junior, BIG BANG, Wonder Girls, SNSD and KARA. “It will never be the same K-pop world,” another user wrote.

Blackjacks also expressed their gratitude to Bom, Dara, CL and Minzy and recognized each member’s contribution that made 2NE1.

Fans thanked them for “all the years of good music, tears and smiles” and promised to keep 2NE1’s throne shinning in the K-pop industry.

2NE1 first appeared in Lollipop, a commercial campaign with labelmate BIG BANG. The group officially debuted in May 2009 with Fire.

In 2014, Bom was reported to have smuggled drugs to South Korea that led to her hiatus. Earlier this year, youngest member Minzy left the group.

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