K-Travel: Discover Seoul Pass Gifts You With The Cutest Museum Adventures

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To score photos that you can flaunt on social media, you have two routes in Seoul, that you can take to achieve that goal.

What’s good about having museum tours in your planned vacation is it can save you from unforeseen weather changes like a rainy day or if you need a day off from streaking physically draining outdoor activities.

An essential traveling goal is to make sure that no day will be wasted when you are confronted with challenging weather and depleted energy. Designing museum tours is what will save you if in case you encounter it.

The good thing about Seoul is it has the cutest set of museums ever. Themed art places that can generally be appreciated by different folks and ages.

Speaking from experience, my elderly mom who has been recently enjoying her social media immersion journey, had a blast when we visited the unique museums that we will touch down in this feature.

Discover Seoul Pass

Downtown Seoul Museums

Start your day tour at Grevin Seoul Museum and snap some photos with famous world figures and Korean celebrities.

Alive Museum lets your inner creativity work with concept backgrounds that can highlight your bright smile. From cute, unique and whimsical, unleash your imagination at the museum.

Teseum Museum is a heaven for bear lovers. The teddy bears make you voluntarily smile with their cuteness, and is a perfect date that you can enjoy with your loved ones.

Directions & Transportation

By Subway – Line 1 (Navy Blue) Seoul subway

Grevin Seoul Museum – City Hall Station L1 E6

Alive Museum – Jongno 3 Station L1 E1 (Walk straight ahead, then turn right when you see Kumkang building. Head straight, Alive Museum is on the right side of the street.)

Teseum Museum – Dongmyo Station L1 E6

TIP: A nearby Cat Cafe is in the area, you will easily spot it once you turn right to Kumkang building. Dynamic Maze, an indoor maze and adventure experience, is also around the area, and you can get ₩3,000 discount through DSP.

By Seoul Sightseeing Double Decker Bus

Discover Seoul Pass gets you covered with a hop-on bus which you can use to visit the above mentioned museums. You just have to go to Dongdaemun Plaza station, Lines 1 and 4, then take Exit 8.

Walk straight to reach Doota Mall, then cross the street to arrive at the designated hop-on and drop-off points of Seoul Sightseeing Highlight Double Decker Bus. Present your DSP at the nearby ticketing booth to get the wrist band that you will use for the hop-on bus within 24 hours.

For this option, you will stop by at Grevin Seoul museum first. The bus announces key information about its route, so the service itself is a must-do experience for travelers.

Discover Seoul Pass

(Korean stars at Grevin Seoul Museum)

Grevin Seoul Museum – Euljiro-1 ga stop

Alive Museum – Insadong (From the entrance of Tapgol park, walk straight until you reach Kumkang building. Turn right, head straight and lool for the signage of the museum on the right side of the street.

Teseum Museum – Dongmyo stop

Although it is possible to design a half-day tour for these three museums, it would be good to allot full day of adventures since you will really bask on taking pictures.

Moreover, you can also insert additional stops in this itinerary such as lunch at Tongin market, afternoon break at Cat Cafe, shopping at Namdaemun market and Myeongdong and a quick tour at the nearby grand palaces.

Discover Seoul Pass

Gangnam Area museums

Hip and freestyle. For the young and young-at-heart, choosing this route is a must, especially if you are a toy collector or you love K-Pop. It has everything in store for the whole family.

Figure Museum W

Situated in Gangnam area, fantasies will be satisfied for lovers of toy and action figures when visiting this haven.

Animation, manga and movie characters are on display along with rare action figures that are also available inside the theme park.

A shop for beginner and expert toy collector is also a go-to place for purchasing something to add on your collection.

Discover Seoul Pass


Definitely a must-visit place for K-Pop fans, especially if you stan SM Entertainment artists such as EXO, Red Velvet, SHINee, Super Junior, TVXQ, BoA, Girls’ Generation and NCT.

Memorabilia and photograph walls of the artists are on display plus costumes they have worn in the past. A cute AR experience also lets you snap photos with the idols together and have it printed as souvenirs from your visit.

Discover Seoul Pass

(Photo taken at COEX Aquarium)

COEX Aquarium

Within the vicinity of COEX Mall is a big aquarium place that you can enjoy with your family. A variety of aquatic creatures are for your viewing which can surely be enjoyed if you are bringing in your children.

Directions & Transportation

You may take a cab first to Figure Museum W by showing its address written in Hangeul to the driver. After that, take another cab to go to COEX Mall to visit SMTOWN Museum and COEX Aquarium.

If you will opt to take the subway, head to
Apgujeong Rodeo Station (Seoul Subway Bundang Line), Exit 4.

Walk about 90 meters straight out of the exit, then turn left at the side road. Figure Museum W is the first building on the left.

To go to COEX Mall, go back to the subway then transfer to Seolleung station (Line 2 Green), then after one stop you will reach Samseong station. Take exit 5 or 6 to arrive at COEX Mall.

For the gangnam route, you can include a visit at the K-star road by taking Exit 2 of Apgujeong Rodeo Station Bundang Line before proceeding to SMTOWN Museum.

TIP: While at COEX Mall, you can also take a peek at Starfield Library or watch a concert at SMTOWN Theater.

You’d be surprised how much fun you will get from visiting these happy places. Plus, it’s also something that the whole family can enjoy.

Stay tuned for more K-travel stories and tips! For tours and packages, check out the amazing offers of KKday.

Hellokpop extends gratitude to Seoul Tourism Organization for letting us experience the amazing features of Discover Seoul Pass.

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