K-Drama Sneak-Peek: “The Uncanny Counter” Thrills With A New Breed Of Superheroes To Battle Ruthless Demons

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Another exciting supernatural-themed series is about to unfold as the new superheroes of The Uncanny Counter are ready to chase down ruthless demons.

Scheduled to premiere on November 28, The Uncanny Counter is poised to depict a different kind of world as a battleground between good and evil. The fantasy drama is an adaptation of a webtoon with the same name.

The Uncanny Counter

Plot Overview

The Uncanny Counter follows the journey of a group of demon hunters called “Counters”. They are beings with extraordinary characteristics who disguise themselves as noodle restaurant employees.

The Uncanny Counter

Each possesses a unique power that will aid them in their quest to capture the evil spirits who come to earth in pursuit of an immortal life.

Rough Character Sketch

So Moon (Jo Byung Gyu)

The Uncanny Counter

He is the youngest member of the “Counter.” His extraordinary ability lies in his superhuman physical strength. A suspicious accident took place when he was a child which killed both of his parents. It also left him a permanent injury in his left leg.

Ga Mo Tak (Yoo Jun Sang)

The Uncanny Counter

He is an upright person who formerly worked as a police officer. An accident seven years ago caused him to lose his memory.

Do Ha Na (Kim Se Jeong)

The Uncanny Counter

Her special skill is the ability to sense evil spirits even from hundreds of miles away. She also has the power to read someone’s memory through physical contact.

Chu Mae Ok (Yum Hye Ran)

The Uncanny Counter

She stands as the anchor of the “Counter”. She works as the chef of the noodle restaurant.

Choi Jang Mool (Ahn Suk Hwan)

The Uncanny Counter

He is the first “Counter” of Korea. He takes charge in managing the finances of the group.

The Creative Team

Director Yoo Seon Dong spearheads the production team whose works include Vampire Prosecutor 2. Writers Jung Do Yoon and Yeo Ji Na have penned the story.

Catch The Uncanny Counter in OCN every Saturdays and Sunday beginning November 28. The series can also be streamed worldwide via Netflix.

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