Weki Meki’s Doyeon Brings Lovely & Chic Looks For Singles Magazine

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The beautiful Kim Do Yeon is appearing on Singles’ May 2020 issue with bright colored and exquisite set of pictures.

The girl group member was recently cast as the heroine in an upcoming adaption of the web drama Boy And Girl Straight Out Of A Cartoon (literal translation).

Kim Do Yeon

In the photo shoot, Do Yeon portrays a chic and lovely appearance, stunning with her absolute beauty which can pull off any look.

Comic book-like visual + Kim Doyeon’s acting challenge

The idol, who previously starred in OCN’s drama Short, shared her thoughts on acting. Due to it being her first time in that field, she felt burdened and was not able to enjoy the experience fully.

To her, it felt like all her worry was expressed in her acting. These days though, Doyeon is more relaxed and is facing her new role with a fun and determined set of mind.

Boy And Girl Straight Out Of A Cartoon is based on Naver’s popular webtoon of the same name. It tells the story of a comic book character called Chun Nam Wook.

He comes into the real world where he meets the heroine of the story. She coincidentally looks just like the girl from the same comic.

Kim Doyeon spoke about her thoughts after receiving the script for the first time. She describes her character Han Sun Nyeo as a cool and confident person who hates prejudice. According to the idol, the role is fun and it suits her age.

She reveals she had wanted to try portraying this kind of character. Currently, she is thinking about how to properly bring her character to life.

Kim Do Yeon

Honesty, Kindness, Sympathy: Kim Do Yeon’s keywords

The Weki Meki member, who is loved for her charm and flawless dancing, is preparing to build up her acting career. She shares her inability to look at her own acting objectively because she’s still new to it. Her plan is to go slowly at the new challenge and become an actress, capable of showing different faces in the future.

Kim Doyeon says she likes actress Im Soo Jung. When asked how she would describe herself, she chooses the words honesty, kindness and sympathy. She also mentions her hopes to stay the same person even after 10 years.

Kim Do Yeon

Doyeon shares thought about how knowing the world better will let a person live a smart and wise life. The idol and growing actress has a brilliant future ahead of her to look forward to.

Kim Doyeon’s full pictorial and interview can be found in May’s issue of Singles magazine and on its mobile platform.

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Image Credit: Singles magazine