Kim Jae Wook Values Earning His Worth As An Actor Through Experiences From His Rich Filmography

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Marking an immense surge in popularity this year, Kim Jae Wook made his much-awaited first male lead a delightful treat to many.

As Ryan Gold in tvN’s hit romantic comedy, Kim Jae Wook has become a source of energy for K-Drama fans, who dubbed him as the representative boyfriend wished for by any fan girl to have.

Kim Jae Wook


Bannering charismatic photos, the actor graces the September issue of Esquire magazine which was shot in France. Brimming with manly appeal, he poses in hidden alleys of Paris with various clothing ensembles of chic and classic appeal.

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In the  subsequent interview, Kim confesses having a hard time recharging after Her Private Life wrapped up. The well-loved series which he shared with on-screen partner Park Min Young was hugely popular. Coming from another successful OCN thriller, the shift from serious to sweet roles contributes to how the actor surprised fans with his endearing side.

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Revealing stories about his friendship with Kim Dong Wook, he admitted that their reunion in the drama The Guest was more meaningful. The two worked together 11 years ago in classic favorite drama Coffee Prince. However, at that time, they were budding actors whose interactions are limited to what is required of the filming.

Explaining how The Guest led to a lot of local shoots, he had to sleep at the filming place. Therefore, spending more time with the actors and crew. Because of that, talking about life and activities became natural. Hence, they eventually bonded together.

With notable supporting and villain roles under his belt, hardcore followers of the actors must have unitedly popped champagne bottles when he secured his Ryan Gold role. After all, he has been a reliable actor, who impressively immersed to all his given roles with conviction.

Kim Jae Wook

Shedding light on his robust filmography of varied and memorable characters, he shared the wisdom of seizing the right opportunity. Affirming plenty of offers to do trendy projects is normal, but he chose not to accept.

He modestly shared how he opted for smaller and supporting roles to gain experience and skills necessary if he wants to do main roles. Working at his own pace and the right timing, Kim’s recent ventures proved to be working wonders.

Maintaining presence as an actor in South Korea takes a lot of patience. Kim Jae Wook, who has diligently worked in the last 17 years is a sweet testament of unrivaled passion.

At the end of the interview, he also talked about his honest feelings about building relationship with people.

“Since I am in my late 30s, the trust in the people I work with is much greater than it used to be.  I’m more likely to listen to their stories,” he said.

He added, “I think now, I am more open-minded. Being able to listen to people more than I used to be is not because I am older. But more precisely, because as you get older, the people you meet are worthy to trust.”

Leaving insightful words, Kim Jae Wook relays the importance of loving one’s self.

“I met people who have a good impact in my life. It is said that if you want to meet a good person, you need to be a good person. For other people to like me, I have to like myself first.”

Kim Jae Wook

More of Kim Jae Wook’s photos and interview are available on Esquire’s September issue and on Esquire website.

Source: Sports Donga
Image Credit: Esquire

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