Kim Min Jae & Park Eun Bin Share Their Personal Musings About “Do You Like Brahms”

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As their drama wraps up its season, Kim Min Jae and Park Eun Bin confide to us how their drama, Do You Like Brahms, has inspired them as artists and young adults.

Sustaining ratings between 4.6% to 6% from its premiere until its finale, Do You Like Brahms garners a steady and strong fan base – most of whom deeply touched by the portrayal of the lead actors Kim Min Jae (Park Joon Young) and Park Eun Bin (Chae Song Ah).


Kim Min Jae

In an interview, Kim Min Jae shares how playing Park Joon Young has given him inspiration to further improve his craft in acting. He expresses, “I think it is a work that gave me so much courage and confidence to think: Is it possible to act like this? I will be the person who will show myself.”

Playing Park Joon Young is no easy feat yet Kim Min Jae has certainly delivered well. With a character who expresses his feelings through music and rarely through words, Kim Min Jae has done a lot to convey Joon Young’s emotions through his demeanor, facial expressions and voice modulation.

Kim Min Jae also divulges that he has gotten lots of help and support from his co-lead actor. “I think I relied on Park Eun Bin a lot, as a senior, colleague and partner,” he shares.

Undeniably, Do You Like Brahms has further set the tone of Kim Min Jae’s blossoming career. With his deeply touching portrayal of Park Joon Young, a lot of fans will surely look forward to his next projects. To which Min Jae laments, “I think my next work will be a very important moment for me, so I feel burdened.” A very talented and humble actor, Min Jae does not want to feel pressured by this.  Instead, he convinces himself that he just needs to do what he wants to do when it comes to choosing his project.

Park Eun Bin

Park Eun Bin, who has always had a very youthful glow, shows her mature self in Do You Like Brahms. She admits that being in this drama makes her feel like throwing stones in a calm lake and that she has needed time to be confident in herself. Despite that, she has gracefully finished the season with a happy smile in her face.

In an interview, Park Eun Bin confesses that she has felt the need to look back at her 20s – when she was always serious about acting – so she can play the role of Chae Song Ah well. Now 29, Eun Bin says that like Song Ah she used to worry a lot about her dreams in the future. “I had a difficult time growing in my 20s especially when I lost my self-esteem because of a failure like Song Ah,” Eun Bin shares.

Apart from that Eun Bin also discloses that she had to work hard to learn the violin well. She shares, “At first, I did not even know Do Re Mi but in the end I digested everything.”



Chae Song Ah is a character who faces difficulties in most aspects of her life. Even so, she is able to provide comfort for Park Joon Young. This is also exactly the wish of Park Eun Bin for the viewers, “I hope the drama will be comforting to those who have had similar problems with Song Ah, those who feel the difference between what they like and what they can do well.”


Youth-Oriented Genre

Do You Like Brahms is the most recent addition to the growing youth-oriented dramas out there. This drama along with Record of Youth, More Than Friends, Start-Up are all widely gaining popularity. In this regard, Park Eun Bin laments, “Is it not because there are so many exhausted youths nowadays?”  

Youth dramas are meant to convey comfort and solace to anyone who watches it. And, this is the exact same thing that Kim Min Jae and Park Eun Bin wish for the viewers to feel as they see Do You Like Brahms.

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