All Those Admirable Moments Of Kim Myung Soo Embracing His Idol Roots & Acting Goals

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For Kim Myung Soo, the path to hone his craft as an “idol” and an “actor” is an experience and blessing he is utterly grateful

Popularly known as INFINITE’s L, Kim Myung Soo has always been consistent in being grateful as an idol and actor.As he transitions to more projects as an actor in the recent years, his previous interviews reflects his love for the experience he had as a member of idol group of INFINITE.

Kim Myung Soo

After scoring another remarkable portrayal in the acclaimed KBS 2TV drama, Angel’s Last Mission: Love; Kim Myung Soo readies for another project in the network. In March, Kim’s comeback drama Welcome is set to premiere.

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The Actor who is clear with his goals

Stringing lauded TV drama productions, Kim Myung Soo has been slowly carving his presence as a reliable male lead. Admirably, he acknowledges what he lacks as an actor.

Revealing he learned a lot from his recent work, Kim shared in an interview how he promises to build his filmography steadily.

Angel's Last Mission: Love

Similarly, when he challenged a court judge role in drama Miss Hammurabi, he poured his sentiments and growing drive to his first lead man status as Judge Im Ba Reun – a man who sticks to his principles and preconceived notions based on presented facts.

Kim’s varying faces, accurate vocalization and expressive emotions are met with praises by the viewers.

“It’s my first starring role. I was able to go all the way with my instincts and to avoid the collapse of my character. I was able to pull them into a harmonious atmosphere naturally without compromising viewership. Then, as the broadcasts progressed, it became great so I was able to finish the filming more easily and well,” he said.

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Kim Myung Soo

The artist who understand his facets as an “idol” and an “actor”

In his interview with The Star magazine, he relayed his thoughts about the prejudice labeled for “idol-actor” by pointing out that idol-actors are getting more popular, and that the public has been accepting them well.

He said, “Some people like Infinite’s L and others like actor Kim Myung Soo. So I want to approach the fans more variously. Sometimes the fans misunderstand that L is uptight, but it is not true. I really want to have fun with the fans and I enjoy having fun.”

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Kim Myung Soo

The star who dotes on his fans

Armed with talents, he prioritizes to gift his supportive fans. He plans to showcase his skills as Infinite’s L and actor Kim Myung Soo.

“The time to communicate with fans is always fun. I think that I have to look after my fans for a long time and take care of people who like me and trust me,” Kim said in an interview with Singles.

Kim Myung Soo

Indeed, for the faithful believers of the idol-actor, watching him blossomed to an actor and music artist is awe-inspiring. Knowing that Kim Myung Soo is clear in defining his purpose as an artist makes it all the more uplifting for his following.

Come With Me Fan Meeting in Manila

Aiming to bring cherished memories, the talented idol-actor will grace the 2020 Kim Myung Soo <Come with Me> Fan Meeting in Manila on January 12 at the New Frontier Theater.

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Kim Myung Soo

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