Kim So Hyun Talks About Working On School Themed Dramas & Missing Out On Real Life Young Love Experience

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Kim So Hyun is born to reach more heights in her career as an actress.

Growing up from an amazing child actress to a stunning small screen siren of her generation, Kim So Hyun has been reaping the fruits of her hard work.

Kim So Hyun

At 20, Kim So Hyun is on her 11th year in the industry. It goes to say that she is deemed a professional having starred in over 40 dramas and films.

Compared to his peers, Kim has made the effort to work on roles above her age, yet displaying portrayals without difficulty.

From her first work as an adult, Radio Romance, she has since headlined popular and acclaimed dramas. Currently, she is starring in KBS high-rating period romance drama, The Tale of Nokdu.

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In July this year, her Netflix original series Love Alarm received immense following from K-Drama patrons. Confessing she initially wanted to avoid school set dramas, she expressed maturity on where she wants her career to flow.

“I wasn’t going to wear uniform again after ‘Radio Romance’. If I can’t act in the future, I’m worried about it. I was in a hurry. But after looking around, I didn’t have to be hasty.”

As she has been widely-regarded in the school-set dramas she appeared in, she dismisses the idea of her being typecast. Instead, she remains firm in her belief that as long as it is a good work, she would be willing to portray a school girl role.

So Hyun’s young love yearning

Instead of playground, Kim like most child actors grew up in filming locations. She honestly admitted not being able to experience real “campus romance”. Quipping getting the experience from the dramas she has shot before, especially those filmed in romantic backdrop, she revealed feeling a little bit of regret for missing it in real life.

Love Alarm

Kim said, “I regret it now (laughs) and I didn’t really care about reason when I was in middle school. I didn’t have a lot of friends around me. I didn’t want to be in love, and maybe I was afraid. I have a lot to think about. If you have someone you like enough that would be worth it, it must be great, but I don’t feel that way yet.”

Revealing having troubles acting in romance stories, she relayed her zero dating experience contributes to it. She seeks help by watching romance movies.

“I haven’t felt deep love emotions. When I act, I try my best to feel that feeling so I immerse to the idea that I really like the actor I am paired with,” she added.

On future roles she wants to do

With her on point roles in the dramas she has worked on, she has been getting more love calls. However, the beautiful actress dismisses being tagged as a workaholic.

Explaining she is grateful for the downpour of projects, she relayed how she would seize the opportunity to a role she wants to play. Choosing to forego might be a regret later.

Kim So Hyun

Moreover, Kim mentioned wanting to shoot meaningful independent movies, as well as, short films.

Finding a life that complements her style, Kim So Hyun acknowledges how she has little interaction. But, since entering young adulthood after Radio Romance, she began meeting people and going around.

As a late bloomer, she heeds the advice to play and have fun, but it should be healthy and within the boundaries of law and morality. The actress who wants to learn how to cook and enjoys having mornings alone is living the time of her life.

Watch Kim So Hyun’s latest drama, The Tale of Nokdu on VIU and Love Alarm on Netflix.

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