K-Pop Debut Spotlight: Kim Woo Seok – “1ST DESIRE [GREED]”

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Kim Woo Seok brings fans on a musical trip with his solo album 1ST DESIRE [GREED].

Kim Woo Seok has started his solo career with the release of his solo album 1ST DESIRE [GREED]. It was dropped on May 25th at 6 PM KST, and is full of the idol’s different colors, while showcasing his talent as a soloist quite well.

Kim Woo Seok


The countdown towards Kim Woo Seok’s solo debut first started with the release of a scheduler on May 11. It showed the type of content fans could expect before the album dropped.

On May 12 the idol unveiled the first set of teasers – with three concept photos. Along with them came the album’s title, 1ST DESIRE [GREED]. 

He presented the K, W and S versions of the photos, each portraying a different charm of his, including sexiness, innocence and elegance.

In addition to the pictures, the next three days he posted a matching short film for each version.

The artist managed to pull in yet another surprise with his lyrics photos, which were released on May 21.

With just a glimpse of his body, Kim Woo Seok successfully showed his sexiness via the aesthetic pictures.

Through the track list on May 23, anticipated fans were able to find out more of what the album had to offer. What made it an even more special debut project was the fact that Kim Woo Seok participated in writing the lyrics and composing most of the songs for it.

Just a day before the release of 1ST DESIRE [GREED], a highlight medley was posted on the idol’s YouTube channel. He hinted at each song, while the pictures and videos from the makings ran in the background.

In between all the contents, Kim Woo Seok probably shocked the most with the two MV teasers. The artist portrayed a full homme fatale in both videos, raising expectations to see more of that vibe in the full MV, which was finally released on May 25th at 6PM KST.



The album includes seven tracks in total in which Kim Woo Seok’s vocal talents don’t fail to shine. Through it, he manages to show different charms of himself.

Starting with the song “Intro: Lost”, it surprises with full English lyrics. Kim Woo Seok’s cute accent makes the short track a want-to-listen to one. There is a hint of a sensual vibe, which is emphasized with the idol’s vocals on certain parts of the song.

The lyrics “Can’t stop it now I’m on my way / Don’t stop and follow all the way / My flames never die” feel like a declaration of stepping into the new challenge and being ready to take it on with full force.

With a heavy bass and an electric guitar, the title track “Red Moon” gives off a mysterious and tense feel. Through this music piece, Kim Woo Seok shows more of his sexy vocals. Even the lyrics speak of a growing desire, which represents part of the album’s name “Greed” quite well.

Next, the play on words to create the title of the song “SINphony” made the listeners think of yet another track which would emphasize more sexiness. And I wasn’t too far from it. It was definitely an alluring track to listen to.

Getting lost in Woo Seok’s voice is easy. It feels like you’re falling under his spell and want to keep listening more and more. He sings “We just wanna make you lose control”. In the aspect of allowing him to take over our hearing senses, he succeeds.

The beat of “Somebody Like You” would make the body follow smoothly along the rhythm. The song has a bright vibe, singing about the infatuation one has towards another person.

The feelings of the songs continue to change, allowing Woo Seok’s colors to pop out and shine. In “Do U Like” he sings of the desire to know more about another person while falling deeper for them.

Next up, “Beautiful” is a special song made for the idol’s fans. He beautifully sings of his appreciation for them, while showcasing the soothing side of his voice.

The journey ends with the song “The Winter”. The ballad, despite the cold name, sings of the warm memories with a loved one, which are now in the past. The track brings a nostalgic feeling, finishing with a soft piano note.


The music video for “Red Moon” focuses on the performance and the stunning shots of the idol. It is working quite well for him, bringing an enticing MV for the fans.

He effortlessly captures the hearts with his swift movements and facial expressions. His gestures and the faces he shows are precise, bringing a performance full of sexiness.

The album’s name comes to mind while watching this music video. I can easily compare Kim Woo Seok to the sin “Greed”. He wants to enchant through his performance and his efforts will surely bring fruit. It is just impossible to look away once you start watching.

The out of this world visuals are complimented with a beautiful background sets, stunning voice and a powerful performance. All of these are just waiting to be enjoyed by the idol’s fans.

Source: Kim Woo Seok’s Twitter & YouTube, TOP Media YouTube

Image credit: TOP Media