Kim Yo Han Seeks Acting Advice From Lee Dong Wook For His Upcoming Drama “School 2020”

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Starring in a drama that seemingly talks about his real life, Kim Yo Han, like any rookie artist feels the expected inhibitions

Marking his acting debut, the X1 member shared thoughts as the next runner of KBS esteemed youth series. Kim Yo Han takes the lead role in School 2020, which is aiming to broadcast some time this year.

Kim Yo Han

Kim Yo Han

Gracing the pages of Star1 magazine, Kim mesmerized with his captivating looks. He also showcased a spirited vibe while promoting products of cosmetic brand Missha.

In the subsequent interview, Kim Yo Han admitted the reservations he had and chose the year 2019 as the turning point of his life.

“I was anxious to change my career as an idol trainee from an athlete who had been serving the Taekwondo national team,” he said. Achieving an amazing outcome, Kim feels blessed about braving the choice he made.

After confirmation of his acting debut in School 2020, he was honestly in mixed emotions. He worried about how he can immerse to the character albeit the role seems to be tailored fit for him. At the same time, he felt happy to have a chance to repay the love and support from his fans through the acting project.

Wanting to rise up to the challenge, he sought advice from his senior Lee Dong Wook. The premiere and talented actor did not disappoint and soothes his anxiety away with his encouraging words. For that, Kim will be forever grateful.

More interview and pictures are featured in March 2020 issue of Star1 magazine.

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