K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: ONEUS – Third Mini Album “Fly With Us”

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ONEUS successfully brought fans a fun fusion of traditional and modern elements both through music and visuals – something that not a lot can pull off.

Marking their third comeback already since they debuted in January 2019, RBW’s first and currently only boy group ONEUS continues to pique fans’ interest by daring to try concept that goes beyond the box. Although they weren’t the first to incorporate elements from traditional Korean culture and music, the boy group offered their own fresh and fun take on the fusion – making it one of their most standout releases so far.

Fly With Us Comeback Timeline

Starting off their comeback countdown by alerting fans of their impending new adventure, the group spiced up the entire month of September by slowly introducing the beautiful concept they had in store for their return.

Just like the spoiler teaser, their individual image teasers dropped simultaneously from September 23 to 25 also showed each member in full modern hanbok regalia.

Composed of six songs in total, Fly With Us is headlined by the track “LIT” which member Ravn participated in writing the lyrics of. Four other songs in the mini-album also saw his lyrical work, alongside groupmate Leedo as well.

While the teaser of the music video for “LIT” gave fans an inkling of idea on September 26 about what to expect from the song, the highlight medley that the group released on September 28 previewed all of the tracks included in Fly With Us.

“LIT” MV Afterthoughts

Mixing their modern, boy-next-door visuals with a royal setting and garb that suits that of Joseon princes, ONEUS finally made their majestic return on September 30 with “LIT”, the track headlining Fly With Us.

Besides the grand costumes, the music video’s settings and entire aesthetic threw an ode to Korean culture. “LIT” also dared to infuse traditional Korean music and instruments into a rhythm reeking of trap and hip hop feels – which completely serves as its exact opposite but still worked flawlessly for the group.

In fact, the song and its music video gave a very fresh and fun sound and look – and the song’s intro with the instrumental focusing on the sound made by traditional Korean instruments left us all the more excited and hooked onto the song.

Even their ad libs and chants were in line with the concept – and so was their choreography which incorporated a good lot of steps in traditional Korean dance recreated in such a way that it jives with the modern style that most K-Pop fans know.

Ever since their debut with “Valkyrie” to their careers’ follow-up with “Twilight” – and now their latest return with “LIT”, ONEUS had been delivering nothing short of top-tier music which vary in color and test their versatility without sacrificing their showcase of talents.

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