K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: Kim Jae Hwan – Second Mini-Album “MOMENT”

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We needed a slight moment to let how wonderful the newest masterpiece from Kim Jae Hwan sink in.

Kim Jae Hwan once again proves that he is “all main” – main vocal, main visual, main dancer, and the main man who occupied our hearts this December with his sweet and comforting serenades which easily combatted the cold weather.

kim jae hwan

Moment Comeback Timeline

Starting the month of December with a piece of very delightful news, the singer first shared about his looming comeback through a teaser photo revealing his upcoming second mini-album’s title and release date splayed across a foggy Seoul scenery as background.

kim jae hwan

On December 2, he then followed up with a concrete timetable of the promotional materials he will be dropping as he heads closer to his first-ever comeback set for December 12.

kim jae hwan

Afterwards, the singer showcased his duality in the two sets of teaser photos he revealed, which contain the themes “day” and “night” in relation to his new mini-album’s central concept of time.

On December 9, Jae Hwan then shared the loaded tracklist he had in store for MOMENT, which contained a total of six tracks. These songs, including the headliner “The Time I Need”, was brought to life in the highlight medley and comeback trailer that the singer shared on December 11.

kim jae hwan

MOMENT Album Impressions

Kim Jae Hwan is a versatile singer – and the six tracks from MOMENT served as evidence to that. Other than the soft yet extremely catchy title track “The Time I Need”, the mini-album was rich with B-sides that had varied sounds and styles.

Moreover, the official audio of the songs from MOMENT dropped first before the music video for “The Time I Need”, whose release date was unfortunately pushed back a day later. However, this just gave fans more chance to better appreciate the heavenly vocals that Jae Hwan showcased on the mini-album.

Containing a bright and cheerful sound, the song “After Party” serves as the perfect song for what it is named after, thanks to the upbeat mood that it gives.

Meanwhile, “NUNA”, which thrilled fans that the title pertains to, was able to highlight Kim Jae Hwan’s powerful voice with its mellifluous acoustic guitar sounds – all while having a very, very cute over-all sound. Almost reminiscent of an original Korean drama soundtrack, “Who Am I” also easily became the favourite of many listeners thanks to how much of a great fit it was to Jae Hwan’s balladeer voice.

The singer’s musicality also stood out on the song “Paradise” which featured former Wanna One groupmate and current AB6IX member Park Woo Jin and conveyed warmth and comfort to fans with its sweet sound.

Lastly,  “Zzz” contained a melody that makes you nod – not out of drowsiness, but out of immense approval. It is also among the tracks in MOMENT which matched Jae Hwan’s vibe the most, making it all the more natural-sounding for the singer to pull off and make fans love.

“The Time I Need” MV Afterthoughts

Right from its instrumental intro, “The Time I Need” sounded like a very fun and light track to listen to, and the way Jae Hwan’s breezy vocals carried it also made it have a resemblance to some of the best Christmas tunes out there.

“The Time I Need” also sounded very soft to the ears and gives just the right amount of fluff and catchiness to make it a memorable track amidst the loaded releases from various artists for the season.

Jae Hwan’s newest comeback track also proves that even without his signature high notes, his vocal capabilities are to-die-for and will pull you in no matter what. It’s also impressive to see the singer being able to suit up with a smooth and detailed choreography that matches the R&B song very well, a proof that he is among the multi-talented artists that the industry should keep on watching out for.

The song’s music video was also very eye-catching with its very retro aesthetics and palette, along with the consistent highlight of clocks in relation to the song. And speaking of visuals, we can’t let this afterthoughts section pass without mentioning how Kim Jae Hwan manages to glow up every time we see him – what a main visual material, indeed!

Image and Video Credits: Swing Entertainment


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