K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: LOOПΔ Releases 3rd Mini Album [12:00] In Enigmatic Flair

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LOOПΔ releases [12:00] in light of their latest music comeback. It will be their 2nd album without their leader HaSeul.

LOONA is a South Korean girl group formed by Blockberry Creative. The group was introduced to the public through a pre-debut project which began in October 2016. Therefore, the twelve members were revealed in a periodic fashion by releasing a promotional single over the following eighteen months.

LOONA consists of twelve members which include HeeJin, HyunJin, HaSeul, YeoJin, ViVi, Kim Lip, JinSoul, Choerry, Yves, Chuu, Go Won, and Olivia Hye.

They debuted as a group with [+ +] (2018), supported by the lead single “Favorite” and the title track “Hi High.” It debuted at number 2 on South Korea’s Gaon Album Chart and was the second best-selling debut album by a girl group in 2018.

07 LOONA Concept Photo 2

[12:00] Comeback Timeline

On September 16, LOONA released information about its 3rd mini-album [12:00]. They also revealed the Midnight Festival teaser, where they will be performing their online concert from their new album. Moving forward, they carried out various promotions and teasers for their scheduled return.

Thereafter, LOONA published their website loonatheworld” to promote their 3rd Mini album [12:00] on 19 October at 6 PM KST.

LOONA’s tracklist for [12:00] contains eight songs, with its title track “Why Not?”

Midnight Festival + Twitter Blue Room

Along with their return, LOONA also invited their followers to join them in their Midnight Festival, online concert powered by MyMusicTaste.

Moreover, they also  interacted with Orbit thru Twitter Blue Room and answer their questions specifically on the album.

LOONA’s Midnight Festival show rehearsal was shown to Orbit on October 16, to hype up the Midnight Festival.

After the release of their album [12:00], they performed their Midnight Festival which was a huge success and was the most talked-about topic among the Orbit.

Teaser Videos

Revealing an enigmatic teaser for mini album [12:00], it shows different times for different cities in the world and then the clock suddenly strikes at 12:00.

Especially made for their fans, the Highlight medley gave a sneak peek before the release of the album. The preview contained snippets that excited Orbit for their high-energy anthem songs to ballads.

LOONA also sent video messages to their fans inviting them to the Midnight Festival, which would be their first online concert.

To promote their upcoming music video, they made teaser videos with a B-Side filter. Further, each member posted her video on social media with different antics to entertain Orbit. Moreover, they promoted their B-Side by uploading moving employee card ID teaser videos of each member.

After the release of their album [12:00] and their title track “Why Not?”, it was met with immense love from their fans. Returning the support, they recorded thank you video messages for their fans to show how much their love means to them. The girls even made truly heavenly gift.

Concept Photos

From September 20 till October 11, LOONA posted various concept photos for their [12:00] mini-album,

Concept Photo 1 had a very fairylike and whimsical theme, which would remind you of Cinderella with its magical vibe. All members wore boho-chic attire, with various accessories that would complete the look.

The second concept photo had a VSCO girl vibe, a very trendy look. The members wore holographic and bright attire, with scrunchies and hair accessories to complete the look. The whole vibe was very casual, to make it feel like the girls were at a sleepover or a party.

The most extravagant vibe was the third concept photo, the theme was Hollywood red carpet. Their all-black gowns on the red carpet screamed class. Moreover, it also complimented the midnight theme of their album.

[12:00] Album Impressions

LOONA’s [12:00] album is full of diversity, where they experimented with different styles and techniques.

It has a funky and bass-heavy electro-pop that makes up the instrumental. It aligns the album to the current trends in the industry, but the way it is brought together is quite refreshing.

Intro x “Why Not?” x “Voice” x “Fall Again”

Starting off with the intro “[12:00]”, it takes off with a rocket countdown, mixing into the synth of electro-pop.

After that, we get the title track “Why Not?”, which has amazing vocals and a funky vibe. The song has an up-tempo electronic pop, which adds a story of pursuing freedom and individualistic self. It has a heavy focus on rap which gives it that edgy vibe.  The song has a two-part chorus of “Di Di Dam Dam”, making it more playful.

Next up is “Voice” which has a retro disco-funk vibe. It is a light and airy track, but bittersweet at the same time. The song is about the feelings of love and to venture together in uncontrollable excitement. The most memorable part of the song is the instrumental break after the second chorus.

“Fall Again” is fully an R&B pop ballad. The synths in this song are super lovely and the harmonization is absolutely amazing. This song has a story about falling back in love with the one every time fall returns. It has a relaxed ballad feel, which creates a nostalgic vibe of familiarity and comfort. In this track, Chuu has the most lines, where she really showed off her vocal talent. 

09 LOONA Concept Photo 3

“Universe” x “Hide and Seek” x “OOPS!” x “Star”

“Universe” is a very soft, dreamy, and subtle song. It is ballad in nature, but it does not stay on one note as well. As it progresses it becomes fuller, really giving off the feel of being in a Universe. The sound effects added to this song create a very relaxing and whimsical atmosphere. Moreover, this song is solely dedicated to LOONA’s Orbits.

Bringing the tempo back up in the album is “Hide & Seek”. This track is experimental with its mixed and layered rhythm. Definitely a super fun party anthem! The structure and sound of the song is playful, flirtatious, and funky, which would make a great song to perform.

“OOPS!” creates an intense opening with heavy bass and intense rapping from the girls. Consequently, the song is a typical girl crush track, delivered in ultimate confidence. It sends a message that one will love oneself and live freely without caring about others anymore. It has a bit of Latin vibe added to its heavy rap, which makes it worth the wait.

Finally, the last track “Star” – is the English version of the track “Voice” tweaked in “starlight” motif. It is especially dedicated to their fandom Orbit.

“Why Not?” Music Video Afterthoughts

The song itself was an amazing feat, but the energy LOONA gave in the performance was phenomenal. Moreover, the girl group brought a fun and vibrant vibe to the music video, which made it a stunning performance.

Their outfits in the music video range from total badass edgy outfits to cutesy fluffy outfits, and everything in between. The diversity of their outfits make for a fun video, most importantly since it complements the sets of the music video.

Their background sets ranged from empty dark open field to edgy cards, neon signs, telephone booths, supermarket, sunny lit fields, and more. This created a fun music video, as all members collaborated as one.

Additionally, LOONA also hinted at their fandom orbit and the significance of the moon in the fandom. They especially released this album to celebrate the new moon, thus emphasizing the moon in the music video.

“Why Not?” Official MV

“Why Not?” Suit Dance

Photos: Blockberry Creative