K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: MCND – Digital Single “Spring”

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Fitting the bubbly mood of spring, MCND made their speedy return with a light and refreshing new digital single!

Building up their showcases of versatility as artists, rookie boy group MCND directed the spotlight to their youthful charms this time around for their quick comeback with the new digital single “Spring”!


Comeback Countdown Timeline

The very promising rookie group signalled the start of the countdown for their speedy comeback five days after they officially wrapped up their music show promotions for their debut song “ICE AGE”.

Dropping a group teaser photo on April 3, MCND made fans excited with the preview of their school concept for their return. With this, they announced that they will be releasing a new digital single titled “Spring” on April 9.


Afterwards, Castle J, Bic, Minjae, Huijun, and Win featured in individual teaser photos where they showed off their youthful boyish charms as well.

Lastly before their music video’s release, they shared a teaser clip on April 7 which showed them roaming around the school, highlighting their playfulness and drawing attention from fans as they edge closer to their speedy comeback.

MV and Single Afterthoughts

The music video of “Spring” was very much like the song itself—light, fun, playful, bright, and delightful. It perfectly portrayed the youthful image that MCND wanted to show this time around, especially with the splash of colours all throughout the clip.

Their choreography was also very lively and energetic, and it contained various steps that included jumping—not just during its chorus but even during the track’s verses, making the group’s dance performances very delightful to watch.

Despite the song leaning more on the light-hearted side compared the tougher image that the quintet showed on “ICE AGE”, MCND still brimmed with swag as they delivered their lines—especially during the song’s rap verses.

Matching its light mood as well are its uplifting lyrics which served as an excellent fit to its trap beats that effectively left listeners hooked.

“We’ll fly high, we’re not afraid of heights,” they sang in its very catchy chorus which very well conveyed the song’s overall message of continuing to aim high.

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