K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: OH MY GIRL – Seventh Mini-Album “Nonstop”

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OH MY GIRL’s latest comeback brings listeners to a bright and whimsical world of color of their making – all while showcasing how much they’ve grown since their previous release.

After their stint on Mnet’s Queendom, Hyojung, Mimi, YooA, Seunghee, Jiho, Binnie, and Arin were definitely eager to show the world how they’ve grown through their latest comeback. Their seventh mini album, NONSTOP, definitely showcases this as it highlights how much their sound has evolved while maintaining their signature brightness.

Through a title track that exudes a summery vibe and bright vocals, OH MY GIRL definitely shows the world that their growth and influence in the music industry is “Nonstop”.

NONSTOP Comeback Timeline

News of OH MY GIRL’s comeback broke on April 13 after WM Entertainment announced they would be releasing new music with a full lineup. The countdown towards their comeback began the day after, with a boardgame-themed concept photo released on their social media accounts:

oh my girl nonstop

Promotions for Nonstop began on April 14, with a series of individual and group concept photos. The first set of teaser photos showcased the girls decked out in pastel and purple shades, accompanied with scrapbook-inspired individual photos.

Released on April 20 and 22, the second series of teaser photos showcased the girls in playfully colorful outfits and sophisticated white ensembles.

In between the releases of their concept photos, OH MY GIRL unveiled the colorful tracklist to their upcoming mini album. The tracklist highlighted the title track sharing the name of the mini album, as well as four equally interesting new songs.

oh my girl

As the countdown to their newest release winded down, the group rolled out dazzling videos for the highlight medley and the music video teaser, with each being released on April 23 and 25 respectively.

NONSTOP Album Impressions

The mini album opens with “Nonstop,” a tropical title track that instantly lifts your spirits from the get-go. The track definitely highlight the group’s signature, and exudes a summery vibe that suits the season. Notably, “Nonstop” features more rap compared to OH MY GIRL’s previous tracks – which definitely helps boost the mood of the track.

Continuing the group’s momentum on summer-y tracks is “Dolphin”, whose lyrics talk about the fun of swimming around and dolphins. The track itself is catchy, and the funky instrumental is definitely enough to keep people tuned in to the rest of the album. (or keep the track on repeat!)

Shifting the album into slow motion is “Flower Tea,” a ballad that highlights the girls’ vocal prowess. The solitary slow song in the album definitely exudes a calming vibe, giving listeners a chance to breathe a little before the album picks up the pace once more.

True to its name, “NEON” is a bright-sounding track that truly highlights OH MY GIRL’s happy and youthful sound. Its instrumental draws inspiration from funkier tracks, and the group’s vocals definitely make it a track that’s hard to get out of your head.

Closing off the mini album is “Krystal,” a mid-tempo track that features a beautiful blend of vocals. Hyojung herself has noted that the track is the album’s fan song, and it’s easy to see why, as the lyrics talk about their journey so far, and the vibe of the song overall brings comfort to the fans.

“Nonstop” MV Afterthoughts

True to its teasers, the “Nonstop” music video brings its viewers through a series of colorfully whimsical settings. Each of the settings presented in the music video is tied together through the boardgame-inspired concept, which shows the girls rolling the dice and landing on themed spots on the game.

Aside from the music videos visuals, what’s equally eye-catching for fans and casual viewers alike is the choreography – which is equally elegant and playful.

Image source: WM Entertainment