K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: SHINee’s KEY Returns Good And Great With 2nd Mini Album

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The K-Retro King is back and he’s all out and ready to claim the throne once more! KEY returns with his 2nd mini-album, Good and Great.

SHINee’s KEY has returned with yet another explosive mini album, adding to his already magnificent discography. The 2nd mini-album, Good & Great, was released on September 11, 2023, at 6PM KST.

shinee key 2nd mini album

Consisting of six songs, the mini album further showcases KEY’s flexibility as an artist. The title track of the same name is a pop dance song filled with a rhythmical piano sound. It has a melody that can be easily sung along, with a unique vocal combination adding to its charm.

Specifically, the lyrics tactfully express KEY’s pride in himself and his craft, drawing sympathy from employees and workers around the world.

The idea of reaching out to workers has also been shown through the Work Week series. Reaching the Work Week: Friday, KEY falls into a strange situation where Friday is repeated, which amplifies curiosity about the album.

shinee key good and great 2nd mini album

In addition, the website DESK FOR GOOD & GREAT WORKER attracted a high volume of participation from fans. This fresh idea of promotion lets fans create their own work desks and exchange support with each other, in line with the office concept of Good & Great.

Good and Great Album Impressions

KEY – Good & Great

Led by the title track, “Good & Great,” the album starts off with perfection as KEY dedicates this song to all workers in the world. Specifically, the track is based on the concept of office workers, providing a sense of empathy to their daily labor.

shinee key good and great 2nd mini album

“Good & Great” is the ideal song to listen as you open your work week. It is a pop dance hymn centered on a rhythmical piano, accompanied by a unique vocal combination that only KEY can wonderfully execute.

The chorus is attractive enough to be easily sung along even for new listeners. In particular, the lyrics that go “I’m good / I’m great / I work / Get paid / Thank God, all day / I like it / I’m epic / All day, a dozen times and more / I repeat these magic words / Okay, I’m doing great / I’m pulling it through” is the part where KEY comforts hardworking workers, especially with the point choreography where you pat your head as a self-praise.

Additionally, the lyrics for the song is penned by KENZIE. The hitmaker made sure to include KEY’s pride in the craft that he is doing, as well as witty expressions that resonate with the workers.


KEY – Can’t Say Goodbye

Next in the album is “Can’t Say Goodbye.” As expected with the retro king, this track showcases KEY’s taste in music.

“Can’t Say Goodbye” is a retro-pop song with an enjoyable funky mood. Its irresistible guitar line and vintage synthesizers express the inseparable pain of a loved one which was vividly portrayed in the lyrics.

If you have enjoyed listening to KEY’s retro trilogy, then this song is a perfect addition to your daily playlist!


KEY – Intoxicating

“Intoxicating” is an uptempo house pop song that features rhythmical synth beats and heavy 808 bass. The dynamic vocal melodies that cross low and high notes are noteworthy.

shinee key good and great 2nd mini album

If the second track in the album displayed the emotions of parting with a loved one, “Intoxicating” gives us the impulsive act of falling in love.

The lyrics, “Give me more / I hope it fills me endlessly once more / Give me more / Awaken my instinctive sense / You’re intoxicating,” flawlessly convey the effect of falling crazy in love.


KEY – Live Without You

Followed by “Live Without You,” the album brings us to yet another retro-themed track that screams so much about KEY. Focused on a dreamy atmosphere, this is a pop dance track that combines various track points. Its dreamy FX sound and punk guitar accompany the repeated bass riffs and resonant vocal expression.

The lyrics for “Live Without You” depict the feelings of when you are trying to erase your memories about an ex-lover. The interesting development of the song brings out the uniqueness in KEY’s music color, harmonizing with the rich lyrical echo conveying a special charm.


KEY – CoolAs

Aside from the title track, “CoolAs” is a song that KEY revealed to have music show stages. “CoolAs” is an ideal song to listen when you are nearing the end of a work week. It is an electro-dance song with an impressive low-pitched bass line and several synthesizer sounds.

shinee key 2nd mini album

We can clearly hear KEY’s impressive English skills in this song. Particularly, his cynical vocals add conviction to the lyrics. The song creates an unrivaled cool and chill mood, effortlessly announcing to the world that KEY is confident at whatever he does, no matter what anyone says.


KEY – Mirror, Mirror

Finally, “Mirror, Mirror” is an R&B track in which KEY actively participated in the lyrics writing, making it even more special. The lyrics express various emotions that he felt while looking at his reflection in a mirror. In a deeper sense, it questions how the mirror reflects a person’s flaw and asks if it is possible to be someone new.

“Mirror, Mirror” has a calm and peaceful mood, which could be a fitting song to listen to on a Saturday when you are reflecting about a busy work week.

KEY “Good & Great” MV Afterthoughts

The music video for Good & Great” starts off with a busy work office setting. KEY appears to greet his co-workers, gleefully facing his computer to work on his daily tasks.

As he attends meetings, conferences, and even ride the elevator with a smile, KEY runs toward a wall where his face decorates the “Employee of the Month”. However, horror greets him as things start to get confusing inside the workplace.

Despite the several perplexing scenes, KEY continues to tap on his keyboard. Then, his pink-purple fuzzy friend, BOKSIL, appears on his desktop computer’s wallpaper, offering help to “fix the bug.” He prints the wallpaper image and sets on a journey to the mentioned “beautiful grassland,” but is chased by his co-workers.

Eventually, KEY finds his way to the grassland, now dressed as BOKSIL. The pop-up message then reveals that the bug is now fixed, bringing KEY back to reality. When he returns to his workplace, he is greeted with cheers and applause.

Without any idea about what just happened, KEY just went along. He faces his computer once again to return to his unfinished work tasks.

Overall, KEY has once again exceeded expectations with this comeback. It is worth to note that he always does his best to visualize his album with a distinct theme. This new album, Good & Great, has a work report and cover letter version, wittily executing the concept.

Meanwhile, KEY has released his 2nd mini album, Good & Great, on September 11, 2023, at 6 PM KST. The album is receiving enthusiastic response from global fans. It has ranked No.1 on the iTunes Top Album Chart in 34 countries and on the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart upon its release.

Source: SM Entertainment