K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: WINNER – Third Full-Length Album “REMEMBER”

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WINNER is back – and they are slaying with their comeback masterpiece that is truly worth remembering!

After several months of waiting, well-loved K-Pop male quartet WINNER has finally returned to gift fans with their third full-length album REMEMBER.

Comeback Countdown Timeline

For several weeks now, the boys hyped up fans with several stunning teasers left and right. The group signaled their comeback plans through an intriguing “coming soon” post on March 12.

Yoon, Jin Woo, Hoony, and Mino looked extra stunning in their respective special track moving poster videos.


The group also heightened the excitement of fans by unveiling sneak peeks of their newest music video.

Moreover, the idols dropped a special sampler video which features foretaste of all the songs of their latest album.

A fun-filled pre-release track

Before delighting fans with their newest album REMEMBER, the boy group first treated everyone with the pre-release track “Hold” on March 26.

With the boys’ signature catchy and addicting hook, the song features a charming story about love. Mino worked on it a lot as he personally composed the song and wrote the lyrics.

Joining WINNER in the music video is their beautiful and multi-talented labelmate AKMU’s Lee Soo Hyun. Looking like overprotective brothers to Soo Hyun, the quartet showed cute acting in the sit-com-like video.

The track quickly topped domestic and international charts worldwide. It dominated the iTunes Top Songs charts in 16 countries and soared to the No.1 spots both in the iTunes Top K-Pop Songs chart and Top Pop Songs chart in Japan.

An album to Remember

Housing 12 tracks, WINNER’s third full album is a valuable present that Inner Circles shouldn’t miss! The huge participation of the members in this album speaks a lot of how talented and sincere they are in creating their music.

The group’s latest title track “Remember” and pre-release song “Hold” was penned by Mino. Yoon gifted his hyung Jin Woo with the solo track “Dduk” while Hoony showcased his love for music through “Serenade”.

As Yoon described it, “Just Dance” is a fun track with a meaningful message and “Well” is written to convey their wish to fans to eat well, sleep well, and rest well. Featuring a mid-tempo track, “My Bad” delights with its sexy vibes. Moreover, fans can enjoy “Teaser” and jam to the boys’ fantastic and fiery rapping.

The album also includes special versions of their well-loved tracks such as “Empty”, “Don’t flirt”, “Color Ring”, and “Different”.

MV Afterthoughts

Going a bit sentimental this time, WINNER’s latest title track “Remember” narrates the group’s earnest wish to stay in the memory of their fans.

The music video featured Yoon, Jin Woo, Hoony, and Mino in a cinematic setup where they look back on their journey as a group. Many clips of the MV also showed their precious time together with fans during concerts.

Singing their hearts out, the quartet hopes that their newest masterpiece will somehow give comfort to Inner Circles. The lines that will surely touch fans’ hearts the most are: “I’ve loved and also been hurt. For you, if those memories last as a warm feeling I’d ask for no more. Feet don’t fail me. Not even going to look back. Even if I run away like a coward, Please don’t forget me. Remember that there was someone next to you.”

Moreover, making the video more special, the boys ended the clip with a heartwarming group hug – a touching farewell to their eldest member Jin Woo who’s away temporarily due to his mandatory military stint.

Image and Video Credits: YG Entertainment

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