Lee Kwang Soo Achieves New Milestone Of (-3) Points For His Sexy Dance Performance On ‘Running Man’

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Lee Kwang Soo should have got higher points for his endeavor.

On the latest episode of SBS’s variety show Running Man, the cast and invited guests, including Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha Neul brought an enjoyment time to fans. It is especially impossible not to mention Lee Kwang Soo‘s funny sexy dance performance.

In the challenge called Show Me Your Sexy Charm, the cast decided to express their seductiveness through dancing to the music. So Min and Song Ji Hyo won strong favorable impressions from the judges. They got 10 and 18 points respectively for their renditions.

After the two actresses completed their performances, the next person was to be Lee Kwang Soo.

As soon as the music was turned on, the idol immediately danced and showed off his body curves through a series of seductive movements, making everyone to go into fits of laughter.

However, the Asia Prince seemed unable to win approval from the strict judges. They respectively gave him the points of (-5), (0), (1), (1) for his rendition, with the final score as (-3). The result shocked the actor much to his amusement rather than embarrassment.


Earlier, in the other previous episodes, Lee was spotted many times trying hard to boast his dancing ability. As usual, he made all audiences burst into laughter with his hilarious facial expressions and exaggerated dance moves.



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