Lee Min Ho Hopes To Repay Fans’ Love In The Next Level Of His Acting Career

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Prepare your hearts as Lee Min Ho will surely amaze you with his visual-blinding looks and heartwarming thoughtfulness!

This January, well-loved South Korean actor Lee Min Ho will be gracing the newest issue of Dazed Korea with his sophisticated looks and fashionable aura.

Flaunting his undoubtedly stunning visuals during his recent pictorial with the popular Korean magazine, the Hallyu Star exuded overflowing charms of a modern-day king.

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In addition, he was able to show his impressive versatility as he effortlessly pulled off various stylish ensembles.

Aside from gracing the pictorial, Lee Min Ho likewise gamely shared his thoughts about his acting career.

Focusing On Health

In an interview with Dazed Korea, the actor first talked about his current focus as an actor. Although he shared that he actually did not have any regrets for 2019, the popular leading man revealed that he aims to give more importance to his health from now on.

“Honestly, when I was in my twenties, I was a little careless about my health, but now I’ve begun to feel the limitations of my physical fitness. I’m paying special attention to the idea that I can get as much energy as I want as long as I take good care of myself,” he said.

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Hoping To Give Back The Love

Asked on his plans for the “second act” or the next level of his career, Lee Min Ho sweetly answered by saying that he hope to repay fans’ unconditional love and support.

“Before enlisting in the military, I said this: ‘Thank you for joining actor Lee Min Ho in the first act of my career.’ I’m over 30 now, I’ve had a hiatus, and I’m going to be starting over after being reset. I heard that regardless of the career, if I enter my tenth year, I’ll get used to it, but I don’t want to be like that,” he began.

During his service as social worker, he candidly bared that a lot of fans came to visit. “I’m thankful for that. For now, I’m working hard as I think about paying back those expectations,” the actor sweetly added.

Meanwhile, fans can see more stunning photos and know more of his interesting interview through the January 2020 issue of Dazed Korea!

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Source: Dazed Korea

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