Lee Min Ho Opens Up About Leaving His 20’s And Military Enlistment

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Honest realizations from Lee Min Ho.

Lee Min Ho, Lee Min Ho Opens up on Enlistment


Lee Min Ho recently shared honest feelings on his upcoming enlistment in an interview with the fashion magazine Star1.

The hallyu star revealed that he is sad about leaving his 20s more than the enlistment.

“I thought I would be all cool, all indifferent. But I feel sad. I think it is more about my passing 20s rather than about enlistment itself. I feel sad about becoming 30s and getting old.”

Lee Min Ho, Lee Min Ho Opens up on Enlistment


Lee, on the brighter side of things, thinks that enlisting late is a blessing and good decision.

“I think if I had joined the army early, I would not have been able to appear in the drama ‘Boys over Flowers’ and had such a happy 20s. I was happy that I received so much love from overseas and that I contributed somewhat to introducing Hallyu content.”

Lee Min Ho, Lee Min Ho Opens up on Enlistment


He was also asked if there is something he wanted to achieve or do while fulfilling his army duties. To which, he answered, “A regular life itself is a great challenge for me.”

Lee Min Ho will start his mandatory military service duty on May 12 as a public service worker in Gangnam-gu office.

Before ending the interview, Lee gave a touching message to his fans as a way of thanking and assuring them.

“I’ve received all the expressions of regret and support from the fans. I hope I can give you ‘healing’ after I come back fit and healthy.”

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