Lee Seung Gi’s Instagram Moments That Prove He’s A Versatile Superstar

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Lee Seung Gi is already one of Korea’s hottest superstars, but he’s still not done yet.

The actor refuses to rest on his laurels and continues to soar even higher. Since his discharge from the military in 2017, Lee has been working relentlessly on several different projects. Scrolling through Lee’s personal Instagram account, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by just how busy the actor is. Nevertheless, the bright smile never leaves Lee’s face.

Lee Seung Gi

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Lee’s Memorable Portrayal Of Son Oh Gong

For his post-military service comeback drama, Lee got to work in A Korean Odyssey. Lee co-starred with Cha Seung Won and Oh Yeon Seo in the drama. His hilarious but effective portrayal of a Monkey King who is trying to atone for his previous crimes drew accolades due to his spot on immersion to the character.

All The Butlers: The Bromance is Real

Since Lee is no stranger in doing variety shows, it was natural for him to jump back into filming for All The Butlers. As the self-appointed leader of the cast, Lee never hesitates in volunteering for any task, but he is also very charismatic towards his fellow cast members.

The bromance is strong between Lee, Lee Sang Yoon, Yang Se Hyung and Yook Sung Jae.Most importantly, the brotherhood these four cast members have are currently raking in awards.

In 2018, All The Butlers won the Best Entertainment Variety Show Award for the 45th Korean Broadcasting Awards. During the 12th SBS Entertainment Awards, Lee won the Grand Prize honor while his co-workers also won in their own respective categories.

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Little Forest

In Lee’s newest variety show, he joins his real life best friend Lee Seo Jin for Little Forest. The unique concept of the variety show reels attention specifically because of the adorable children the cast must take care of.

Joined by Park Na Rae and Jung So Min, they start a day care center. The main goal of the variety show is to increase awareness for the environment. They bring the young students outdoors to enjoy nature and do several activities with them.

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Netflix’s newest travel variety show Twogether brings South Korea and Taiwan together. Representing South Korea, Lee pairs up with Taiwanese actor Jasper Liu. The travel show aims to bring the pair closer to their fans as they travel together to different countries. Netflix will exclusively stream Twogether.

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Currently streaming on Netflix, Vagabond is  currently soaring high in the ratings. Lee reunites with his former Gu Family Book co-star Bae Suzy in this intense race to uncover a big conspiracy behind a plane crash that killed Lee’s character’s Dal Gun’s nephew Hoon.

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Lee Seung Gi’s Asian Vagabond Voyage

This October, Lee takes time from his busy schedule to personally greet his fans. He will be visiting his Filipino fans on October 12. The fan meeting starts at 6pm local time. Fans should head on to the New Frontier Theater to meet their favorite superstar in an intimate setting.

Tickets are available online.

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Lee Seung Gi

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Following his Manila fan meeting, Lee will then head on to Singapore on October 26. The fan meeting starts at 6pm local time and will be held in the Singapore Expo Hall 7. Tickets for the fan meeting are available via AirAsia RedTix.

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