6 Songs From Lovelyz That Remind Us Of First Love And Heartache

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The music of Lovelyz remind us of our “First” moments when it comes to love.

The colorful, bubblegum sound of Lovelyz takes us back to the time when we first felt butterflies in our tummies — our first crush, first love, first heartache and many other first things we encounter about love.

Lovelyz is known for their refreshing songs and lyrics, colorful music videos and catchy dance steps. Debuted in 2014, the eight member girl group continues to soar high while keeping a strong followers.

Here are some songs from Lovelyz that remind us on how to celebrate being in love.

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First Crush

True to it’s title, our first crush moments is like a “Candy Jelly Love”. The lyrics tells about innocent feeling as transparent as a glass jar and pure like the first snow.

First Hello

You know that jittery feeling when you finally have the courage to say hi to your crush? This song gives us exactly the words we are dying to say.

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First Time You Said Yes

This song refreshes our memory of the time when we first say the magic word – “Yes” in accepting one’s love. That surreal feeling of being swept away by romance.

First Date

Remember the time when you officially become a couple with someone? When you wake up always feeling good and making an effort to impress your partner? This song reminds us that everyday-is-a-bliss moment when we had our first love relationship.

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First Heartache

This song makes one remember the first pains of love. The feeling of in denial and hoping that the next day you will get back at each other’s arms.

The First Cry For Help

Recalling of those times when a dear friend of ours come running and gives a shoulder to cry on, is what this track is about. Thanks to that friend we can always rely on our lowest, we were able to get through a bad heartache.

It will be a shower of love songs when you meet Lovelyz.

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