“Mani-Gency” – The Answer To Sustainable Growth of Hallyu Wave In Global Market

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HUMAP Contents continues expanding its network for artists’ global branding

According to reports from Korea Institute for International Cultural Exchange, the Global Hallyu Trend 2019 reveals the interest in Korean cultural content skyrocketed in the global market. In addition, consumption of content has increased respectively. Hence, CEO of Humap Contents, Hyunchul Jameson Lee, found the key to maintain the current status of the Global Hallyu Wave.

In the modern era, it is been remarkably evident how the power of Hallyu influences the world. From global idols such as BTS and Blackpink to phenomenal movie director of Parasite Bong Joon Ho.

However, the world isn’t only aiming for the influence of Hallyu contents such as music, drama and films but also the result it bears for the nation’s economy.

As the K-Pop and K-Content can be acknowledged as a steady genre globally, therefore, an immediate urge to seek for sustainable growth plans measure is highly needed.

Contemplating the Sustainable Growth of the Korean Wave

Unlike the Korean Wave few years ago, Korean popular culture not just music but as well as dramas and films are highly sought-after and distinguished globally. Still, the main concern is how to maintain and keep its long-term continuation.

In order to accomplish that, they should aim problems such as absence of systems and lack of expertise in domestic management market.

Furthermore, issues brought about by an absence of necessary work skills affect the artist. Particularly, by taking care of various tasks with limited of personnel, it is bound to lack of professionalism and prompts wasteful operations.

Thus, the artist’s success should not rely on mere luck but with strict system establishment and professional strengthening of the management market.

HUMAP CONTENTS offers ‘MANI-GENCY’ services as a solution

With HUMAP CONTENTS, Mr. Lee oversees the implementation and administration of “MANIGENCY” a business model/services, a combination of management and agency. They have been benchmarking the Creative Artists Agency (CAA), a world-class talent agency in the United States.

HUMAP Contents also consists of top experts in the industry, provides proven, strategic agency services that combine data and know-how. They also heavily maintain the latest sense of fast-changing industry through various network at home and abroad.

He revealed that despite of excellent looks, skills and character, lots of brand-new artists fail to establish popularity. This is mainly because of the fierce competition present in the industry.

Therefore, small and medium-sized label needs professional support in content production, promotion, fan marketing, etc. Mr. Lee points that the MANI-GENCY services offered by HUMAP Contents may be the key to solve lack of systems and expertise that hinder the growth of Hallyu.

Three Major Categories of MANI-GENCY

HUMAP Contents’ services mainly composed of three major categories: Overseas Service, Artist Marketing Service and License Business Service.

Overseas Service

The first category isn’t mainly about overseas concerts, world tours and fan meets. It is about an in-depth analysis of the overseas market using various data including music and performance markets as well as the artist’s influence on Hallyu Wave.

Through the data collected, HUMAP Contents will examine the data and will offer a package of service suitable for the artist and their target population. They have professional agents in-house operating overseas services who are native to and/or have in-depth local experiences in the United States, China, Taiwan, Japan and Thailand to assure the quality of their services.

HUMAP Contents recently expanded expertise in Asian market by conducting fan meets of singer/actor Cha Eun Woo in Taiwan. They also handled PENTAGON’S World Tour in Taipei and Singapore. HUMAP Contents alos catered solo artist Ha Sung Woon’s Fan meet in Hong Kong.

Artist Marketing Service

Appearing on music programs, operating YouTube channels and managing SNS are all good strategies—but all of this seems usual and is done by lot of artists. Therefore, HUMAP Contents created a more unconventional way to market the artist, and that is Artist Marketing Service.

It raises the value of artists which combines the machine learning techniques of HUMAP CONTENTS. It allows artists to check the promotional methods, video planning directions, and target images.

Marketing experts with vast knowledge and experiences in journalism, broadcasting, production and brand advertising present the final plan.

A former member of EXID, Solji, is one of the artists closely working with HUMAP Contents. They are working to expand the spectrum of the artist’s activities by operating YouTube channels and building global fandom.

They are under partnerships with various multi-channel network companies in Korea and abroad through collaboration with artists and influencers.

License Business Service

Last but not the least is the license business service. This includes “collaboration leveraging Artist IP” as well as “MD overseas distribution”. It includes conducting and distributing collaboration of ‘New Era’ by using the IP of 4Minute.

HUMAP also handled the distribution of GD (G-Dragon)’s Limited MD Edition all over Southeast Asia through partnership with Lazada.

Small Goals to Bigger Aspirations Through Paving Different Path as HUMAP’s Mission

Mr. Hyunchul Jameson Lee humbly started with the goal of familiarizing concept of artist agencies in Korea. Momentarily, the needs for agency partnerships grow fast. Hence, merging the concept of management and agency into MANI-GENCY is clearly afar from the path of others.

However, it is HUMAP’s mission and duty to make the best out of the great artists in the industry and expand their influence in global markets for the sustainable growth of Hallyu.

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Source PR: HUMAP Contents