March 2021 K-Pop Comeback Lineup: ATEEZ, VERIVERY, GHOST9, iKON & More

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March is here and ready to offer its K-pop lineup of exciting comebacks!

A new month can mean only one thing, brand new K-pop comebacks to look forward to! The month of March has some big names in the Korean entertainment industry, as well as the return of a few rookie groups. Overall, there is a little for everyone to look forward to.

March K-pop comeback


Global phenomenon ATEEZ is putting a start to March with its mini-album ZERO: FEVER Part.2. Seven is the number of the tracks that will delight fans just as the new month begins. With their various teasers, the group introduced fans to their new concept and delivered a fiery preview for the title piece.


The boys of VERIVERY are also about to drop their second single album SERIES ‘O’ [ROUND 1: HALL] . After putting an end to their previous FACE IT trilogy, the idols are ready to begin a new chapter with a whole new set of series.


iKON is about to make many people happy with their highly awaited comeback at the beginning of March. The group recently announced its return with the digital single “Why Why Why” and has been drawing attention with its teasers ever since.


Rain geared up for a March comeback and is going to present a new collaboration that is stirring up the excitement. The mini-album Pieces by Rain is going to include the title track “Why Don’t We”, which also features singer Chungha, sparking the curiosity of this intriguing duet.


After a few changes in their lineup, the co-ed rookies Checkmate is here to introduce its second single album YOU. Due to circumstances, the comeback was pushed back to March, with now four members in the group.


Park Jihoon

Soloist Park Jihoon will be releasing a special track for the global K-pop platform UNVIERSE. “Call U Up” will feature Lee Hi and will be part of the “UNVIERSE MUSIC” releases.


Four-member girl group G-REYISH is preparing to reveal its first mini-album M. The idols have in stock various teasers to show the unique colors of each member. Also, the album will consist of the group’s previously released singles, as well as the title track “Blood Night” and the pre-released single “Shining Moment”.


Three-member boy group BDC is also gearing up to release its second extended play The Intersection: Discovery. This is the second part of the idols’ The Intersection series and will continue the worldview from the previous release while showing the growth of the members.


The boys of WayV are ready to Kick Back in their new mini-album. Fans are looking forward to the group’s new release. As they wait, the idols have started dropping their teasers, stealing hearts left and right with the striking concept photos.


Rookie boy group GHOST9 is building up interest with another comeback, only three months after their last one. The group unveiled six songs that will fill this third mini-album NOW: Where we are, here. They have been working hard and making quick comebacks, the boys are definitely leaving an impression.

Cho Seung Youn (WOODZ)

Cho Seung Youn, also known by his stage name WOODZ, is ready to share more of his music with the world through his single album. It may only contain three tracks but we will be able to experience more of his musical colors, as the artist actively participated in the creation of each song.


A cute and colorful teaser image on PENTAGON’s official site, followed by a promising schedule. The group is gearing up to shake fans’ hearts through the 11th mini-album LOVE or TAKE, a title that captures the attention at first glance. The boys will shower fans with exciting contents from the beginning of March.

Super Junior

Super Junior is ready to drop the tenth album The Renaissance this March. After a few delays in its release date, the group’s latest news confirmed the release to be happening in the middle of the month. The artists are preparing an album that will be to the liking of their fans and have already revealed some of its contents during the past few months.

Super Junior The Renaissance Teaser Photos 10th full album


Another rookie group is also gearing up to make a spectacular comeback. The girls of Weekly shared a bright and playful teaser image to announce their return with the third mini-album We Play.


More talent will be thrown at fans as Jessi is making her return with a digital single. Additional information is yet to be revealed but excitement is already rising among fans.

Difficulty in keeping up? Here’s a timeline:

March 1 – ATEEZ returns with album ZERO: FEVER Part.2

March 2 – VERIVERY returns with single album SERIES ‘O’ [ROUND 1: HALL]

March 3 – iKON returns with digital single “Why Why Why”

March 3 – Rain returns with mini-album Pieces by Rain

March 4 – Checkmate returns with single album YOU

March 4 – Park Jihoon returns with “Call U Up” for “UNIVERSE MUSIC”

March 5 – G-REYISH returns with mini-album M

March 8 – BDC returns with EP The Intersection: Discovery

March 10 – WayV returns with mini-album Kick Back

March 11 – GHOST9 returns with mini-album NOW: Where we are, here

March 15 – WOODZ returns with single album SET

March 15 – PENTAGON returns with mini-album LOVE or TAKE

March 16 – SUPER JUNIOR returns with album The Renaissance

March 17 – Weeekly returns with mini-album We Play

March 17 – Jessi returns with digital single

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