Meet The Multi-Faceted Members of “Running Man” Behind The Variety Stage

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The members of Running Man will surely amaze fans with their variety of skills and charms!

Treating fans with fun-filled episodes for almost a decade now, SBS’ prized program Running Man continues to hold the honor of being one of the most popular variety shows not just in Korea, but also in Asia.

Receiving lots of love and support from local and international fans, the variety nonet composed of Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook, HaHa, Song Ji Hyo, Lee Kwang Soo, Jeon So Min, and Yang Se Chan, will soon be visiting Philippines this year 2020.

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Titled Running Man: A Decade Of Laughter Live In Manila, the highly-awaited fan meeting will be held on February 9, 2020 at the Mall of Asia Arena. To make fans more excited about the nearing event, we put together a quick run down on the members’ captivating skills even outside the variety stage.

Yoo Jae Suk

Known as the “Nation’s MC”, Yoo Jae Suk is the man behind many popular variety programs in South Korea.

Yoo Jae Suk

Aside from bringing laughter in Running Man, the charming and witty comedian-host is also currently captivating everyone with his singing skills. He recently debuted as a trot singer under the name of Yu San Seul.

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Ji Suk Jin

Did you know? Before joining Running Man, Ji Suk Jin initially tried his luck as a news reporter. Though wasn’t able to pursue his dream, he fortunately got to become one of the leading host in South Korea.

Additionally, the variety star is a skilled singer and rapper. To name one of his best performances, Suk Jin recently showed off his swag and fiery raps by covering Loco and Hwasa’s hit track “Don’t Give It To Me” together with Jihyo.

Kim Jong Kook

Intense and Powerful – These might be the words that would best fit Kim Jong Kook when he’s on Running Man. But under his overwhelming physical power is a sweet and angel-like voice.

Kim Jong Kook

He began his journey as an idol under the legendary K-pop group Turbo. The talented singer is also loved by many for his masterpieces including “Loveable”, “Twist King”, and “One Man”.

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Ha Ha

Behind his tricks and betrayal antics as a Running Man member, Ha Ha is known to be a thoughtful and responsible husband and father to his three sons.

In addition, the variety star is a huge music fan. Particularly, he is actively creating Raggae songs alongside singer-rapper Skull.

Song  Ji Hyo

Continuously wowing fans with her overflowing charisma, Song Ji Hyo still holds the title as the lethal ace of Running Man. Apart from gracing the variety show with her beautiful looks and commanding presence, she likewise captures hearts of fans with her acting skills.

Song Ji Hyo, Running Man, Song Ji Hyo's Beautiful Life

Some of the most popular acting projects of Ji Hyo are Emergency Couple and Princess Hours.

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Lee Kwang Soo

Actively melting hearts of fans in the last decade, Lee Kwang Soo, also referred to as “Prince of Asia”, “Giraffe”, and “Gwangwatar”, is undeniably one of the most sought-after celebrities not just in Korea but perhaps in Asia.

Lee Kwang Soo

Although most people know him more as a variety gem, Kwang Soo actually has an actor side in him – which needs to be appreciated more. To name a few of his most interesting works, k-drama and movie fans should watch his previous projects such as acclaimed medical melodrama It’s Okay, That’s Love and the sci-fi movie Collective Invention.

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Jeon So Min

The hopeless romantic of Running Man is definitely none other than Jeon So Min. But before showing off her charming side as a variety star, the beautiful and bubbly celebrity first amazed fans with her drama appearances.

Jeon So Min

Making her debut in 2004 through MBC’s sitcom Miracle, So Min then scored her major roles in series like Princess Aurora and Something About One Percent.

Yang Se Chan

Last but definitely not the least is Running Man’s beloved maknae Yang Se Chan! His friendliness and slow wits are just some of his most captivating charms.

Aside from bringing in good laughs in the said show, the charming comedian also previously showered viewers with his comedic acts through his stint in People Looking for a Laugh and Comedy Big League season 3 to 5.

And there you have it! Though a bit short, we hope that the brief list above will somehow help you know more about the Running Man cast. Meanwhile, Filipino fans should look forward as these multi-faceted stars will surely gift everyone with a fan meeting to remember this February 8 at the MOA Arena!

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