#HBDtoMINHYUK: Moments Of MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Being The Sunshine That He Is

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MONSTA X’s Minhyuk is the exact embodiment of his favourite word – “sunshine” – especially to Monbebes.

MONSTA X’s Minhyuk is more than just an idol to Monbebes – he is the light that guides their way, the owner of the smile which brightens up their worlds, and the sunshine that always makes their days sparkle. As the mood maker, permanent MC, hype man, and number one supporter of MONSTA X and their fans, Lee Minhyuk has brought a tremendous amount of joy to those who love him – and whom he loves.

With this, we celebrate his birthday by painting a smile on everyone’s faces through moments of MONSTA X’s Minhyuk being the ultimate sunshine that he is:

Monsta x minhyuk

His relationship with his members had always been the cutest, especially with the way he cheers and hypes them up. He is one of the members that his groupmates lean on in times of need – he is one of their biggest support systems. The way he makes them smile, encourages them, and makes sure they are alright has always touched Monbebes’ hearts.

But of course, one of the things that fans also love about him is his natural side of being a sass master. Every Monbebe knows that he is someone who speaks his mind and shows how he truly feels about things. His honesty has always been something fans had admired about him.

Speaking of fans, Minhyuk is an expert at communicating with them in every way possible. The way he coordinates with fans is on another level – and with the way he does it, he can even command a battalion of Monbebes to any battle with just a snap of his fingers.

However, he doesn’t just lead them or stand in front of them like an idol – he takes care of them like family. Minhyuk always makes sure to be as much of a sunshine to Monbebes as he is to his group. He has been a happy pill to them countless times and has made their hearts full with all his sweet and thoughtful actions towards them.

When he stood on stage with one of his many dreams finally coming true, he made Monbebes even prouder of him, especially as he beamed the brightest smile in the universe as he did one of the things he had always loved to try.

He has claimed his nickname “sunshine” in every single way possible – and everyone knows that it belongs to him.

So yes, his laughter and his smiles mean a lot to Monbebes – and it is a treasure that they would swear their life on protecting forever.

As a birthday gift, Monbebes even took the time to gather and adopt not just one – but three! – of his favourite animal: whales. Besides these whales who were named under him and MONSTA X, one more whale was also adopted in the name of Monbebe – showing the everlasting bond between MONSTA X and Monbebe.

Although there might be days when shadows seem to loom over more, the light from the sun never truly goes away. After all, cloudy and stormy days are only there because the sun is covered from endowing everybody its warm light – but it eventually goes away, and the sun takes back its rightful place in gleaming brightly once again.

In life, everyone has their own sunshines – their provider of joy, hope, and warmth – and for Monbebes, that is Minhyuk. It might be his birthday, but it was he who gave Monbebes the greatest gift: his existence. Happy birthday, Minhyuk!

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