MONSTA X Reveals Which Image And Type Of Song They Would Like To Try Next As A Group

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Known for being fierce and powerful on stage + cute and charismatic off the camera, what image would MONSTA X like to show next?

In a recent interview, MONSTA X revealed which kind of image, genre, or vibe they would like to show once more as a group!

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Photo from Starship Entertainment

With the variety of music they can show, the seven-member group has proved that they can pull off any concept they wish. From intense title tracks like “Shoot Out”, “Jealousy”, and “Alligator”, to dreamy ballad songs like “Beautiful”, “White Love”, and “No Reason”, they have given Monbebes so many delightful pieces to listen to since they made their debut.

However, the members shared which image or feel of a song they themselves would personally like to show again as MONSTA X.

“I’d also like to try putting out some groovy music. During the concert unit stage, Wonho and I performed a sexy, groovy performance. The reaction was good. Wouldn’t it be nice to go on stage with that kind of song?” leader Shownu said.

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In contrast, fellow vocalist Minhyuk wishes to serenade fans with their melodious voices instead. “If you listen to our songs, you can listen to different styles of music. Personally, I want to show fans a unique and sweet love song,” he shared.

“Some of the songs in the album have garnered great support from fans. I think it’s good to have a cool and bright atmosphere with EDM songs like ‘Fallin”, Hyungwon also pitched in, showing his love for the genre with his background as a DJ.

Following their comeback with the album WE ARE HERE, the group is currently gearing up for their 2019 MONSTA X WORLD TOUR [WE ARE HERE], which has stops in Asia, Australia, North and South America, and Europe announced so far.