MONSTA X Members Imitate Jooheon’s Iconic “Baksu” Scene In “Produce X 101” And We Can’t Stop Laughing

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No one clowns MONSTA X harder than MONSTA X members themselves, we swear!

The boys of MONSTA X put their groupmate Jooheon on the spotlight during a recent Naver V Live broadcast, adding yet another entry in the list of clowneries that they had done to each other!

Screengrab from Mnet

Monbebes couldn’t help but react with “Save Jooheon” while laughing at his groupmates’ latest stint on their official V Live channel on May 26. Headed by Hyungwon who started the broadcast, the MONSTA X rapper received some teasing about his recent guest appearance on Mnet’s Produce X 101.

In the debut survival show’s most recent episode, Jooheon made use of his experience as an idol by serving as a guest trainer to the show’s contestants. He helped them out, especially the trainees who wish to specialize in rap, by giving them points to improve on along with some tips and motivation.

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Among the iconic moments that his guest appearance produced happened during the vocal rehearsals for the group assigned to cover SEVENTEEN’s “Clap”. Ham Won Jin, who is a Starship trainee, started the song as its center and was assigned one of its most critical parts – the first line saying “Baksu” (literally translated as “clap”).


Jooheon pointed out that the trainee lacked power in saying S. Coup’s memorable line from the song, and he repeatedly helped Won Jin out in saying “Baksu” with power until he radiated the same vibe as the song’s original master.

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This moment was immortalized by many fans – both of MONSTA X and the show – especially as a meme. Of course, his groupmates did not waste the chance to hop on in clowning him. During the live broadcast, Hyungwon, Shownu, and Kihyun repeatedly imitated Jooheon – and it was the most hilarious thing ever!


The rapper himself showed up afterward in the broadcast. He even rode on Hyungwon’s teasing by actually teaching him the same way he did during the show.

Of course, it gave Monbebes lots of laughter at the moment – and yet another iconic MONSTA X moment to save in their phones and memories forever!