MONSTA X’s Shownu And Wonho Talk About Ramyeon, Random Must-Have Items On Tour, And More With ELLE Korea

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You asked, and MONSTA X’s Shownu and Wonho answered!

MONSTA X’s Shownu and Wonho sat down for a quick question-and-answer portion with Elle Korea in conjunction with their Tom Ford perfume photoshoot featured in the magazine’s August issue!

In the five-minute short interview shared by the magazine on August 16, the two eldest members of MONSTA X talked about almost anything – starting with which food immediately makes them smile whenever they eat it.

Predictable as ever, Wonho said, “Ramyeon and beef, I think. I usually forget how good some of the comfort food I usually eat are, but once I get to eat it, I think ‘ah … this is why I live’.”

Tour Essentials

They also talked about which item they always bring even for their world tour – to which the world got to hear Shownu’s quite interesting answer.

“It’s a must to bring along tweezers and nail clippers,” Shownu revealed his quirky answer, to which Wonho added, “You brought them here, right?”

“Yes. I’m not the very neat type but when I’m bored or feeling empty, I can be quite obsessed with hair, like my chin hair or leg hairs. There are those which refuse to come out so I say “This punk..” and pull it out one by one using the tweezers,” the MONSTA X leader shared, giving a bit of playful demonstration alongside.

“You scold them,” Wonho commented.

“Yes. And I think my fingernails tend to grow out very fast so I bring nail clippers along often. Without them, I feel anxious,” Shownu added.

Meanwhile, Wonho said he brings his favourite bottle of perfume with him when on tour.

Emphasizing that he makes it a point to smell good and feel good, he showed off his current favourite perfume – Tom Ford’s “F*****g Fabulous” scent – to the camera in a typical beauty YouTuber style!

“It’s kind of dirty because it has been rolling around in my bag all this time,” he explained. The singer also shared that he likes putting perfume on before going on stage and even before he goes to sleep because he likes smelling great all day and night.

They also revealed which moment they enjoyed the most while filming for the magazine photoshoot.

“When I was eating without saying anything!” the group’s resident mukbang king Shownu joked. He added in his serious answer afterward – which was that he liked being surrounded with the nice scents of Tom Ford’s perfumes while filming.

With this, Shownu was also asked what his favourite scent was.

“I dont think I have a favourite scent? I’m the kind who will spray just this and that from time to time,” he replied.

Happiness Must-Haves

The two also talked about the small things which bring them happiness without a fail recently.

“I often watch animations and American dramas these days. If I watch it like this before going to sleep, I end up already falling asleep before the episode even ends,” Shownu shared.

“Basically, whenever I listen to new music. I think that’s the case for me these days,” Wonho said on the other hand. His answer earned a cute “Wonho, who is serious when listening to music” comment from Elle Korea displayed as text on the video.

Besides this, they also talked about how they unwind when they come home after a busy day.

Shownu enthusiastically answered while using Korean slang, “Having a can of cold beer! I honestly can’t think of anything else than having a can of cold beer!”

Meamwhile, MONSTA X’s resident fitness buff Wonho said, “Going out for a bike ride or a run makes me feel nice and refreshed.”

To this, Shownu still happily interjected with his own way of unwinding by adding, “And then come home and have that can of cold beer!

Watch the full interview below:

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Source: ELLE Korea

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