MONSTA X Successfully Wraps Up First Solo Concert In Seoul In 3 Years

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“Performance master”, MONSTA X’s “NO LIMIT” concert in Seoul filled with excited cheers and chants from Monbebes. 

MONSTA X has successfully completed the “2022 MONSTA X: NO LIMIT TOUR” in Seoul, which was held for three days from September 2 to September 4. 

The concert was held in Seoul for the first time in three years after COVID-19 since the last concert “WE ARE HERE” was held in 2019 and MONSTA X paid back with eye-catching stages for fans who have been waiting for a long time. 

MONSTA X filled the stage with different performances and unwavering live performances from start to end, adding to the fun of the performances by constantly communicating with fans. In particular, on the last day of the concert, the concert was simultaneously broadcasted live through Beyond LIVE and the group enjoyed the concert with Monbebes (official fanclub name) around the world and made special memories.

Even before the full-fledged performances began, the fans raised the heat of the performance with a sing-along and MONSTA X also opened the show with strong performances on the stages of “Gambler”, “DRAMARAMA” and “Rush Hour”. MONSTA X, who greeted Monbebes again after three years as a solo concert, excited fans with the “Heaven” stage and “Burning Up” stage, which were specially performed only in Seoul performances.

Fans then filled the concert hall with extraordinary energy by singing along to the English version of “One Day”. MONSTA X also presented the Korean version of “Play It Cool” and the English version of “You Problem”, creating a stage that global fans can enjoy together.

In addition, the “Find You” stage, which shows MONSTA X’s unique sensibility, and the “UR” stage, which was first introduced at the concert, raised the atmosphere of the concert hall by communicating with Monbebes.

MONSTA X also showed off their colorful charms with solo stages showcasing each member’s color. Hyungwon performed a personal performance of “Wildfire” that caught the attention of fans, and I.M performed “God Damn” and “Happy To Die” together, giving an overwhelming stage. Minhyuk raised the excitement of the concert to the fullest with his “Ongshim” stage, and Kihyun captivated fans with his charming voice by introducing “RAIN”, a song from his first solo album “VOYAGER”. Lastly, Jooheon performed “SMOKY” and “Voice” one after another. 

The concert, which was reaching the end, became even hotter with the stages of “Mercy,” “Love Killa”, “LOVE”, “BEASTMODE (Savage Ver.)”, “Zone” and “Fallin” where fans all stood up and enjoyed the stage with MONSTA X.

MONSTA X, who presented luxurious performances one after another like a “performance master that you should trust and listen to”, presented “Stand Together (United Ver.) and “LOVE FOREVER” as an encore stage. The group successfully finished the three-day concert journey, which was full of endless stages just like the name of the performance “NO LIMIT” until the very end. 

After the performance, Minhyuk of MONSTA X said on behalf of the members through his agency Starship Entertainment, “I was nervous at first because it was my first concert in Korea in 3 years, but as soon as I saw Monbebes’ cheers and the audience seats, every moment turned into a happy one. It felt so good because it seemed like we made good memories by singing and breathing with Monbebe, and I was grateful to spend Monbebe’s precious time with MONSTA X. I hope we can make more special memories together. I love you Monbebe!”

In particular, on the last day of the performance, Shownu, who is serving as a substitute for the military, visited the concert hall for the holiday and surprised both the members and the fans. Shownu, who was seated in the audience, supported the members with Monbebes by holding a mondungi (a cheering stick).

On the other hand, MONSTA X, who successfully finished their solo concert, made a comeback with their eleventh mini-album ‘SHAPE OF LOVE’ in April. At the same time as the release, not only did the group take the top spot on the Hanteo Chart, but they also set their own best records without limit and demonstrated growth. From 21 May to 11 June, the group held the “2022 MONSTA X NO LIMIT US TOUR” in America and sold out concert halls such as The Forum at Los Angeles, showing the group’s global popularity. 

PR Source: Starship Entertainment