“Mr. Sunshine” Child Star Go Woorim Says BTS’ J-Hope Is His Favourite Singer

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Go Woorim is one of the most adorable child actors in town – and he is getting even more adorable in our eyes as he talks about his favourite singer: J-Hope of BTS!

tvN’s Mr. Sunshine is simply one of the grandest and most splendid period dramas ever. Besides its large-scale and elaborate production, the drama also shone thanks to its brilliant cast. However, as magnificent as its adult leads were, the child actors who starred in the show were equally eye-catching – including Go Woorim.

go woorim bts j-hope fan mr. sunshine

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Go Woorim, who is currently a fifth grade elementary school student, made his acting debut at the age of five. He starred as the younger version of Kim Woo Bin’s character Choi Sung Hoon in Friend 2, which marked his acting debut. You might also remember him as the young Hwang Yoo Cheol in I Am Not A Robot, Chanho in While You Were Sleeping, and the young Han Yi An in Who Are You: School 2015.

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The child actor’s most recent project is Mr. Sunshine, where he starred as Do Mi. He visited Ten Asia for the first time to have an interview, and he had shown his charm with his doe eyes and polite manners as he talked about his acting career, schooling, aspirations, and interests.

go woorim bts j-hope fan mr. sunshine

Photo from Naver

Just like any child, Woorim shows interest in the current pop culture in the country. Despite being calm during the entire interview, his eyes glistened when asked about which singer he liked. He immediately answered without any hesitation, “I like Jung Hoseok [J-Hope’s real name] from BTS”.

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“My older brother was constantly listening to this song and when I asked him who sang it, he told me they were BTS. I started to listen to their songs and I started to like it a lot,” the child actor said.

“I really liked his voice. I searched him up and I liked him even more because his face was so cute,” he gushed.

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Photo from Naver x Dispatch

Woorim shared how he plans to focus on school for the meantime after he had missed out on school when he was busy filming for Mr. Sunshine.

“It’s fun to study. Among the subjects, I like Korean because talking and listening are fun. I am also learning a lot about writing and essay writing because teachers are good at writing to me,” he said.

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However, this doesn’t mean that he would stop acting, because Woorim still wishes to continue to develop his dream of becoming a successful actor.

“I want to be a famous actor who can act well and impress people,” he shared.

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