New Hip-hop Duo Type:b Sets Your Heart Pumping With “Feeling Down”

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New hip-hop duo Type:b has just debuted with their music video, titled Feeling Down!

Type:b is a new hip-hop duo created by AQ Entertainment. Members Isaac and Zi-Nu named the group as Type:b, after they discovered they both have blood type B. The two artists are not new to the music industry, as they were rappers from their previous groups. Isaac debuted with M.I.K back in 2012, and Z-Nu with VICTOR in the same year as well.

By chance, the pair met each other back in 2014 and found out later that they have strong passion in making the same style of music – hip-hop. With a brand new start from a new label, they want to become better artists and show better music to Korean hip-hop fans.


Download the album here: Melon 

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Credits: aqentkr.com

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