New K-Dramas On Netflix In July 2020: “About Time” & “Was It Love?”

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A couple of romantic stories are set to join the roster of Netflix Korean dramas starting to July

Joining the explosive launch of It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, love stories with themes of reality and fantasy add up to Netflix K-Drama treats.

Was it Love?

  • July 8 | Song Ji Hyo, Son Ho Jun, Song Jong Ho, Koo Ja Sung & Kim Min Joon

Not one but four love interests is up for Song Ji Hyo in Was it Love?. The actress portrays the role of Noh Ae Jung, a single mother and a producer of a film company. Four men will suddenly appear in her life that give her affection, leading to dynamic changes in her 14-year passionless romantic life.

First in the list is Oh Dae Oh (Son Ho Jun). He is the bad yet attractive guy and the ex-boyfriend of Ae Jung. He is the foolish lover in the relationship, but rises as an excellent and top star writer.

Next is Ryu Jin (Song Jong Ho), a top actor who is cheerful and handsome. He is also involved in Ae Jung’s love history fourteen years ago.

Serving noona romance, Oh Yeon Woo (Koo Ja Sung) preps up to draw “a man’s first love” story with Ae Jung.

Lastly, Koo Pa Do (Kim Min Joon) is the CEO of Nine Capital, and a scary but sexy guy. He gets attracted to Ae Jung’s exquisite and alluring beauty. The two met as a film producer and an investor.

Viewers can root for the man they want Ae Jung to be with when Was it Love? premieres on July 8.

K-Dramas on Netflix

About Time

  • July 11 | Lee Sung Kyung & Lee Sang Yoon

Delivering the relatable bitterness of life paired with the mystical strings of fate, About Time is a fantasy-romance drama that will let the viewers root for the characters’ happy endings.

Choi Mikaela (Lee Sung Kyung) enjoys the time of her life living with her loving mom and lazy brother. She engages in various part-time jobs while auditioning for musical roles. Her life seems to be normal – except for her special gift to see when someone is supposed to die.

Her gift has also made her aware that her time on earth is soon to fade. Instead of dwelling on her sad fate, she opts to fulfill her dream to sing and dance on a musical stage. Things change when she bumps into Lee Do Ha (Lee Sang Yoon), a son from a rich household, who suffers anxiety disorder, and ventures on musical productions.

Realizing that being together with Do Ha slows down and stops her ticking time, Mika is determined to be by his side. But the detached CEO does not feel the same way, even though she has been constantly popping in his thoughts. Eventually romance blooms between them, but the crux of Mika’s condition has been set to challenge their love forbearance.

If you’re afraid to live your life to the fullest, About Time may be able to persuade you to enjoy life’s limitless possibilities.


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