North Korea Has Their Own Girls’ Generation Group And It’s Creepy

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Who would have known?

In 2012, North Korean refugees told Channel A’s We’re Coming To Meet You that North Korea had their own girl group that was similar to Girls’ Generation.

Meet The Wang Je San Light Music Band, who are North Korea’s top girl group. They were personally selected by the late Kim Jong Il and like South Korean groups, they had years of tough training. Believe it or not, but the current leader’s (Kim Jong Un) wife is also in the band.

If you thought SM Entertainment’s 13 year contracts were bad, then wait for this. Once you have been selected to join a musical group, you are committing to the group for life. That’s a life-time contract. 

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The reason for this is because of security fears about government information leaking out of their circle.

The Wang Je San Light Music Band regularly perform on live broadcasts and as well as holding special concerts for the the North Korean military.

The group are insanely in sync and just how fast they can do a costume change makes it a bit creepy. We don’t think they will be making songs like Gee or I Got A Boy anytime soon.

Check this performance of a live broadcast:



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